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Market NewsMay 2, 2021 by Kelly Cromley

Ripple Releases 1 billion XRPs from Escrow as Altcoins Rally

In continuation of the exceptional performance by XRP in April, Ripple starts April by selling fresh XRP tokens to likely investors. In the past few hours, RippleNet, which is behind the fourth biggest crypto in terms of market cap, has tapped 1 billion tokens from its treasury.

The tokens, as it happens every month, will be offered to investors, with funds raised to be utilized for various ventures within the ecosystem.

For years, Ripple had received scathing criticism from investors for offloading large quantities of token into the market as prices dip. That saturated the market as usual, with supply exceeding demand.

However, Ripple has maintained that funds are foremost to guarantee that the venture continues to grow and advance technically. Furthermore, to negate the backlash, Ripple has repurchased XRP to foster a healthy market.

Even though the prices are presently stable, with XRP rallying by more than 30% in the past seven trading days, the recent offload of tokens will make a portion of investors jittery. If all the tokens get sold, at the current price of $1.55, the venture will amass $1.55 billion. Nevertheless, only a portion of the tokens are diluted and the rest goes to balance sheet again.

In recent times, the XRP community has realized that the tokens let out every month do not have any straight forward effect on the price. Earlier, the argument “Ripple is dumping XRP” had created panic or FUD in crypto market terms and sparked a sell-off. In the last 24 hour, there was only a small price change of 1% in XRP token.

In the past month, XRP has shown considerable strength. After beginning the month in the $0.55 level, the crypto token has gained over 100% to hit a three-year high of $1.95. Notably, this is considerable lower than the all-time high of $3.84. In the final leg of last year, there was a suggestion by an XRP advocate after raising this query.

“If nodes, validators and the community at large got together and we agree that it’s better for the community to burn the 50 billion XRP that Ripple has in escrow, would it be possible?”

David Sschwartz, Chief Technology Officer of Ripple, acknowledged that such a sequence of events is likely if the suggested gets endorsed through votes. He further opined that public blockchains are democratic and Ripple can do little to halt it. Even though a big claim, if realized, it would pave way for increasing demand and also a price rally.

A day before, Ripple justified their position to Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn and accused the SEC of illegal action. Ripple trapped the SEC forwarding MoUs to overseas firms. The SEC stressed that it is requesting overseas regulators to receive info from enterprises that have transacted with Ripple, a process the agency terms as voluntary.

Ripple initially stressed that the SEC started the procedure without alerting them as a formality. Furthermore, the SEC is being supported in an unfair manner by some overseas regulators who have no alternative other than to accept its “voluntary” request.
Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn, after listening to both sides of arguments, has postponed the decree for few days.

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