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Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Now Offered as NFT Artwork

Alexey Navalny, Russia’s opposition leader, has found a place for himself in that ever-growing art world made of non-fungible token (NFT). An animation based on the recently arrested critic of Kremlin was used to create an NFT and introduced via the SuperRare platform yesterday.

The 1/1 work of art, commonly referred to as “Navalny”, is the foremost one that anonymous artist using Twitter handle @brickspacer111 has created using the platform.

The three-dimensional piece of art begins with a close-up view of Navalny’s hand forming the ‘V’ sign that stands for victory. Once the camera starts retracing it can be understood that he stands in front of a huge figurine of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As the view widens, it can be seen that Navalny is standing on a pile of file cabinets and books, while folding the scale of Justice. Interestingly, policemen armed with riot gear and batons attempt to go near him, with red and blue flashing lights illuminating the background.

The close aides of Putin are then flashed on the cheeks of busts, while the image of the reported “aqua disco” at the bungalow supposedly being constructed for bloody Mary Putin is shown on the top.

It can be remembered that Navalny recently came back to Russia from Germany where he was being treated for ailments related to an assassination attempt. Investigators identified that a nerve agent named Novichok was used to poison the Bitcoin-friendly politician during his travel to Siberia in August 2020.

As soon as Navalny came out of the airport, Russian authorities hand-cuffed him for breaching the bail terms related to an earlier charge of corruption. Navalny has termed those charges as politically motivated. The opposition leader was then tried in a Moscow police station. Navalny criticized the closed hearing through a video and termed it as an irregularity and breach of Russian Federation laws.

Following his arrest, the team backing Navalny has published a documentary on what they call “Putin’s Palace.” the documentary alleges that the $1 billion palace constructed on the Black sea coast is owned by Putin and has been settled using the funds amassed by one of the largest corruptions in the history of Russia.

Within a day, the documentary has received over 20 million views on YouTube. The video has been subtitled with Navalny’s quote that reads “You should fear nothing except your own fear.” The “Navalny” NFT is now available for sale, with 0.5 Ether (ETH) being the starting bid.

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