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Samsung Televisions to Incorporate In-Built NFT Platform Facilitating Purchase of NFTs

Samsung is perhaps the most recent technological behemoth to enter the NFT space, and it intends to do it in a unique manner. The enterprise has announced the launch of a distinct platform that it says will be the world’s foremost “TV screen-based NFT viewer and offerings aggregator.” The NFT platform also intends to address the issue of splintered viewing and purchasing in the NFT domain.

In other terms, Samsung’s NFT platform will enable NFT purchasers to have a glimpse of the NFTs and also learn more info directly by switching on their Samsung Televisions. To achieve this, the platform will collect NFTs from various NFT markets, such as OpenSea, and display them. Once operational, the platform will provide a one-of-a-kind manner of viewing or studying a new NFT, a technique that has hitherto been unavailable in the NFT market.

Previously, NFT aficionados had to depend on their smart phones or computers to browse NFT markets and learn about latest NFT offerings. Samsung acknowledges this market gap and intends to close it with the launch of the aforesaid platform, putting a stop to the aforementioned “scattered watching and purchase.”

Samsung says that its consumers will also have the option of “exploring, buying, and showcasing” their favourite NFTs on their Samsung TV, referring to it as a “groundbreaking” approach. In addition to viewing and buying an NFT on a Samsung TV, the endeavor will allow consumers to access the Blockchain information of a listed NFT. The platform will b made available on all the premium models of Samsung Television, namely MicroLed, Neo QLED, and The Frame TV models.

It should be noted that the distinct platform is not solely devoted to gathering information on NFTs and displaying it on the large screen. It is also aimed at maximizing it for big screen TVs in Samsung’s lineup. It will feature, for example, a smart alignment function for TVs that will dynamically modify screen resolution while watching an NFT.

The parameters will be the same as those advised by the NFT’s developer, so the TV user, as a previewer, will be able to look at the most accurate representation of the actual image. The aforesaid features will be made possible by image-enhancement methods similar as Dolby Vision. And anyway, the NFTs seen on smart phone requires significant amount of quality improvising for watching on a 65-inch screen.

It needs to be seen how Samsung does this. Nevertheless, it will be fascinating to see how the rest of the TV manufacturers respond to this, since the NFT surge is quite significant, and Samsung appears to have seen it sooner than others. We’ll have to sit back and wait whether this results in a major innovation trend.

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