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Seagrass and Hashgraph Association Join Forces for Web3 Identity Wallet Initiative

The collaboration between Seagrass, a climate action company under E.ON, and The Hashgraph Association, a non-profit organization fostering global adoption of Hedera distributed ledger technology (DLT), was unveiled on December 9 in Abu Dhabi. This joint effort introduces a co-funding initiative for the Seagrass Wallet, a cutting-edge Web3 identity wallet serving as a proof-of-concept. The wallet offers users a decentralized digital identity intricately linked to their carbon projects, presenting a significant stride in enhancing transparency and efficiency within the carbon finance ecosystem.


The Seagrass Wallet: An Advanced Web3 Solution:

The Seagrass Wallet emerges as an advanced Web3 digital wallet, adept at creating, storing, and presenting digital identities alongside facilitating the storage and exchange of assets. Positioned as a proof-of-concept, this wallet is designed to empower users with verifiable credentials, placing them in control of their data. Notably, the implementation of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) architecture, facilitated by the Hedera network, ensures a decentralized digital identity aligning with European standards.


Decentralized Digital Identity and Transparent Data:

One of the key features of the Seagrass Wallet is the provision of a decentralized digital identity, allowing users on the Seagrass platform autonomy over their credentials. This approach holds the potential to streamline interactions with other market participants, eliminating the need for redundant due diligence or know-your-client checks. The transparency of environmental, economic, and project data, facilitated by the Web3 Identity Wallet, enhances the integrity of the carbon finance ecosystem.


Strategic Alignment with European Standards:

The Hedera-enabled Seagrass Wallet adheres to European standards, ensuring compliance and robustness in its Web3 identity features. The use of Self-Sovereign Identity architecture not only empowers users but also aligns with the broader regulatory landscape, emphasizing the commitment to standards and security.


Empowering Carbon Markets and Finance Transformation:

The overarching goal of the Seagrass Wallet is to unlock the potential of carbon markets and contribute significantly to the transformation of carbon finance. By bridging certified projects’ supply with the robust demand from buyers with ambitious climate strategies, the initiative envisions a centralized marketplace. This marketplace, underpinned by technological advancements, transparency, and integrity, seeks to drive the net-zero transition forward.



The collaborative co-funding initiative between Seagrass and The Hashgraph Association marks a significant step towards advancing the Web3 identity landscape. The Seagrass Wallet, with its decentralized digital identity features and commitment to transparency, aligns with the evolving standards of the carbon finance ecosystem. As carbon markets gain prominence in contributing to the net-zero transition, this initiative stands as a testament to the pivotal role technology can play in fostering efficiency, accountability, and sustainability within the climate action domain.

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