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Secret Garden of Kadena Launches New Web3 Multi-Game Platform

The Secret Garden of Kadena (SGK) is happy to report that its Web3 multi-game platform is now up and running. This project is based on a wide range of benefits for the cryptocurrency game community.

Play-to-earn (P2E) methods, stakeable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for prizes, and other features will be part of the program. Even though P2E is an important part of the project, SGK will focus on making games that are fun and addicting and see P2E as a benefit. The study that SGK has done on the game-fantasy business has shown that P2E gaming projects that use coins and pay each player daily to play have problems. Also, projects that only let NFT holders play games can be very bad for a project’s growth. So, these organizations are usually not able to last. The goal of SGK’s web3 game plan is to change the industry and give people endless ways to have fun.

SGK’s choice to use the Kadena blockchain was influenced by a number of things. People often say that the network is better than other blockchains in terms of growth, security, freedom, and effectiveness. Others talk about the amazing group of people, like Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino, who worked with JP Morgan to make the first blockchain. Dr. Stuart Haber is also on the team. He is one of two people who are said to have come up with blockchain technology years before Satoshi used it for BTC. Dr. Haber is mentioned three times in the BTC proposal, and he is currently an adviser for Marmalade, the groundbreaking NFT technology that is built on Kadena.

Also, Kadena’s original smart contract language (PACT) is made for apps at the business level. It comes with a bug-detection function that keeps users safe from scams and other bad things. Also, PACT is an easy-to-learn code for coders, and Kadena has a huge library of smart contracts that have already been made.

The Secret Garden is the inspiration for SGK’s interesting environment of NFTs and games. Ancient and mysterious, the Secret Garden was found in a long-lost cave by nymphs. The gnomes knew that the Secret Garden was powerful, so they decided to live there and bring back its beauty. Many people have tried and failed to use the Secret Garden’s power for their own gain. The gnomes were welcome in the Secret Garden because they were kind and cared about the ground and all living things. The gnomes know that one day their power will be questioned, so they have to be ready to protect it. All of the books they write in the future, in a wide range of areas, will be about this theme. With NFTs, players can gain levels and explore this new environment to find out about different secrets.

SGK will soon start several mining events that will rock the Web3 community. This project will make a new version of NFTs for each game as well as play-to-own (P2O) systems that give players usable, upgradable NFTs in-game as rewards for playing. With their stackable NFT system, NFTs will have to be killed in order to be improved, which will lead to NFT gifts that get less valuable over time.

On May 13, the Gen 1 set will be released on The mint will make OG rounds, WL rounds, and Public rounds. Connect with them on social media to find out about changes to prices and projects. On the market on, you can buy Gen 0 NFTs right now. People who own a Gen 0 Gnome will get a WL for the Gen 1 collection. The Gen 0 NFTs are shown as images with 128-bit pixels and more than 150 features that are grouped into 1050 sets. As you can see in the picture above, Gen 1 is made up of 236 traits that add up to 4100.

Crypto fans can get a head start on playing multiple games at these events. Through Battle Blox Heroes (BBH) and other future games, the team hopes to give web3 players a new and interesting experience and make stunning NFT art. The SGK team took a chance on a set of features for the cryptocurrency game community that would cover a lot of ground. First, you need to talk about the play-to-own (P2O) and risk-to-earn (R2E) methods.

Participants can get NFTs that can be used, stacked, and sold by anyone through P2O. R2E also lets users join events and leaderboards where KDA is used to buy in and get paid out. SGK wants to make the game better overall by letting players bet their Gen 0 and Gen 1 gnomes for NFT prizes in-game. After Battle Blox Heroes comes out, the company will put out more games and look for relationships with industry leaders.

On the website for the project, companies are named as FluxLabs, Arkade, Metazeum, Tech Fleet, Isoko, and Kadena Hub. Secret Garden of Kadena is a bet on the crypto game community because it has a long list of features. The team’s plan for SGK is bold and keeps going. SGK has already finished the first part of its development, which included building a community, getting launchpad partnerships, and finishing the artwork for Gen 0.

Also, SGK is almost done with Phase 2 of its growth. This part includes making the Gen 0 collection, finishing the artwork for the Gen 1 collection, and putting out the pilot for Battle Blox Heroes. The team is also working on designing and developing the BBH game for P2E features that use NFT weapons in-game. In Phase 3, there will be staking for NFT awards, minting of Gen 1 NFTs, the start of P2E for BBH, and more agreements. At the end of Phase 4, there are even more lofty goals, like launching a second game with Generation 1 as the guardian and getting prizes. In future games, there will be more P2E choices, more in-game prizes, and maybe even a growth of the Metaverse.

This road map spells out the team’s goals and shows that SGK has a bright future. The project’s growing group of supporters will be very interested in how it goes.

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