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Sega Partners Blockchain Firm Double Jump Tokyo for Sangokushi Taisen Game Series

Sega has announced cooperation that will result in the creation of the first blockchain game using its intellectual property. According to 4Gamer, the agreement with the Japanese blockchain business Double Jump Tokyo would result in the creation of a new game based on the iconic Sangokushi Taisen series by Sega.

Sangokushi Taisen is a popular Japanese arcade real-time strategy game in which players gather tangible cards that they may then put on the playing field to make them appear in the game. The new game, which will be created by Double Jump Tokyo utilizing Sega’s intellectual property, will use blockchain technology, although it is not yet clear how this would function (though it may involve using it to record the ownership of each card).

The game’s release date and platform details are yet to be verified, but depending on when it’s launched, it may be Sega’s first blockchain-based game. The data recorded on a blockchain (a kind of digital ledger) enables users to effectively own, purchase, and sell digital things such as in-game items and artwork. In the last year, numerous large corporations and celebrities, such Nike and McDonald’s, established their own tech-related projects, which led to an increase in tech-related mentions.

Numerous gaming companies, notably Konami and Atari, have begun selling digital things as NFTs, despite criticism from some owing to the format’s enormous carbon impact and what many believe to be its unscrupulous application. Sega has apparently been experimenting with blockchain and NFT technologies for some time.

It filed a trademark for ‘Sega NFT’ in January, a week after CEO Haruki Satomi seemed to have cooled considerably on the notion, recognizing the existing pessimism surrounding the NFT scene. In an April interview published on Sega’s website, producer Masayoshi Kikuchi expressed his confidence that NFTs would certainly be a part of the gaming environment in the future.
Kikuchi said, “Gaming has a history of growth via the integration of other cultures and technology. Recent examples include social networking and gaming video watching, for example. It is a logical progression for gaming to extend into other areas such as cloud gaming and NFT in the future.”

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