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SHIB and D3 Global Collaborate to Introduce .shib Domain in Web3 Era

In a significant move towards expanding its digital presence, SHIB and the broader Shiba Inu ecosystem have entered into a strategic partnership with D3 Global, a cutting-edge domain company. The collaboration aims to facilitate the application process for acquiring the .shib top-level domain (TLD) during the upcoming application window led by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This innovative partnership positions SHIB as a pioneer in bringing interoperability to Domain Name System (DNS) domains within the Web3 industry.


Introduction of .shib TLD for Enhanced Interoperability


SHIB, renowned for its decentralized ecosystem, has distinguished itself as one of the early adopters of collaboration with D3 Global. D3, a company actively engaging with prominent Web3 projects, is focused on securing TLDs through ICANN. This move underscores the significance of SHIB’s commitment to advancing digital infrastructure and identity standards within the Web3 domain.


Scaling Access Beyond #ShibArmy


Shytoshi Kusama, the Lead Developer of Shiba Inu, emphasized the partnership’s potential to extend beyond the existing #ShibArmy, providing direct access to the SHIB ecosystem for over 5 billion internet users globally. The integration of real domains into SHIB marks a substantial milestone, aligning with the decentralized ecosystem’s vision for digital identities. Additionally, it positions SHIB for sustained revenue generation within its expanding ecosystem.


D3’s Innovative Platform and Mission


D3 Global’s patent-pending platform represents a fusion of traditional Internet infrastructure and Web3 ecosystems, introducing what the company terms as “real Web3 domains.” With decades of collective industry experience in DNS and Web3 technologies, D3 aims to enhance utility, security, and universal access for these domains. Shayan Rostam, Co-founder of D3, emphasized the integral role of domain names, which have been the backbone of the Internet for nearly four decades, in the emerging Web3 era.


Accelerating Web3 Adoption through Collaborations


D3’s approach involves collaborating with leading blockchain ecosystems to expedite the adoption of Web3 and modern digital identities. Users can anticipate early access to D3’s platform, signifying a step towards the platform’s mission to deliver interoperable digital identities across existing internet infrastructure and Web3 ecosystems.


Transitioning to Real Web3 Domains: #ShibArmy’s Digital Identities


Through the collaboration with D3, the #ShibArmy will gain the capability to collect and showcase their digital identities. This advancement replaces conventional, impersonal wallet addresses, introducing a more user-friendly experience and aligning with current internet standards. The existing Shib Name Service (SNS) will seamlessly transition to D3’s infrastructure, enhancing the overall user experience and establishing a robust foundation for interoperable digital identities within the global Domain Name System.


Quality Technologies in the SHIB Ecosystem


The SHIB ecosystem encompasses several quality technologies, including SHIB: The Metaverse and Shibarium. The latter, a Layer 2 blockchain, serves as a foundational element, offering scalability, security, and innovation to support a decentralized world.


In conclusion, the collaboration between SHIB and D3 Global marks a significant stride in the Web3 era, paving the way for enhanced digital identities and domain interoperability. This partnership underscores SHIB’s commitment to innovation and sets the stage for a more user-centric and interconnected Web3 landscape.

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