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Shopify Unveils Blockchain Powered Commerce Tools For Merchants

Shopify has introduced a suite of blockchain-based commerce solutions to enhance the customer experience of Web3-centric businesses on its platform. The Shopify blockchain team designer @ryancreatescopy stated on Twitter on February 9 that “we’ve released some new tools to assist you to build tokengating applications for Shopify businesses.”

Particular attention has been paid to the expanded cryptocurrency wallet linking abilities and “tokengating” application programming interface (API) facilities. Since June 2022, only a limited number of merchants have received beta API access. All eligible Shopify merchants may now arrange their companies with tokengating to choose who token holders have access to special merchandise, non-fungible token (NFT) drops, and advantages.

The application verifies user eligibility through their connected wallet and is advertised as a straightforward way for NFT Merchants to reward chosen consumers or add exclusivity to certain goods. Shopify has implemented the sign-in with Ethereum (SIWE) protocol established by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and the Ethereum Foundation to improve support for cryptocurrency wallets.

SIWE provides safe sign-ins and verification for Ethereum clients and ENS domains without exposing personal information like names, telephone numbers, and home addresses. Shopify’s relationship with user data privacy has long been a sensitive spot. A team of unsatisfied consumers launched a class-action complaint in April 2022 against the corporation and Ledger, a producer of hardware wallets, in relation to a huge loss of user information three years back.

On February 9, ENS Labs’ aim is to encourage @sadaf.eth to tweet about the SIWE link with Shopify and attached to programmer documents outlining how to incorporate the application into Shopify shops, greatly to the delight of a number of Ethereum community leaders. The statementGenerator prop provides customization of the statement shown in a Sign-In with Ethereum notification, per the documentation. The method retrieves the address of the connected wallet, enabling you to expand and modify your text lines to better suit your trademark.

By pressing a “sign-in with Ethereum” button, clients may link their Ethereum addresses through SIWE’s collaborated intermediaries, including Coinbase, WalletConnect, Fortmatic, Torus, and Portis, once a store has integrated the SIWE capability on the Shopify wallet link.


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