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Social Gaming App GameTalkTalk Rolls Out Blockchain Platform for Gamers

GameTalkTalk, a prominent South Korean social gaming app, has unveiled a blockchain endeavor catering to gamers. The project offers three unique features, including performance rewards.

The unique blockchain platform, developed by Vinetree Corporation, consists of a social media DApp that offers rewards, a digital product exchange and a pairing p2p (peer-to-peer) gaming platform.

GameTalkTalk developer Vinetree rolled out the Ludena covenant on April 20 and stated that users across the globe shall obtain the app’s native virtual assets in 2Q20, referred to as “stars”, for finishing in-game goals and downloading fresh games.

Gift cards, tangible goods and in-game products can be bought using stars or exchanged for app’s native token, LDN, which creators of games must utilize to get in touch with the community for marketing processes.

The app will garner data pertaining to behavior of users, for example, experience in mobile gaming, amount spent on games, frequency of playing games, and eventually used for collating players with gaming firms.

There is a considerable rise in blockchain technology adoption by game publishers across the world. Notably, blockchain powered games have seen considerable increase in users due to the coronavirus disease outbreak.

Of late, Infinite Fleet, a space adventure game, revealed collaboration with blockchain marketplace STOKR to unveil a security token offering to amass funds for further advancement.

Refereum, a blockchain powered platform that pays users for engaging with video games and streaming, collaborated with Tron to permit Refereum to award its video game streaming clients in TRX crypto tokens.

Atari, an iconic enterainment company, is collaborating with The Sandbox on the forthcoming voxel-based blockchain variant of its renowned user-created gaming and content platform.

The Sandbox will provide unique features, powered by blockchain technology, to users. In this regard, Alex Connolly, CTO of Atari, pointed out that a game may not succeed just because it is powered by blockchain, but functions well to boost value and increase the expertise that a game already offers.

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