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Solana Plans Blockchain Loyalty Program in Partnership With Boba Guys

There is competition among cryptocurrency networks to make partnerships with well-known names. Solana just got one of these deals signed. The Solana Foundation has teamed up with Boba Guys, a well-known chain of boba tea cafes, to use Solana’s network to create Boba Guys’ new customer reward scheme. Since 2011, the retail chain Boba Guys, which sells bubble tea, has used a web3-based reward scheme to build a stronger relationship with its customers and thank them for their loyalty. Boba Guys plans to do this by taking advantage of the speed and low cost of the Solana network.

Through this relationship, Boba Guys plans to add new customer-engaging features like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and token-driven events. Solana’s powerful blockchain technology lets Boba Guys give its users a new and exciting way to get rewarded for their loyalty. By using Solana’s network, Boba Guys is able to create a strong customer engagement scheme that not only improves the image of its business but also keeps more customers. Adding NFTs and token-driven events will definitely get customers more involved and keep them coming back. With this move, Boba Guys will be able to establish itself as the leader in the bubble tea business and use blockchain technology to change the way customer award schemes work.

Bin Chen, one of the co-founders of Boba Guys, said that the company wants to give customers unique on-chain experiences. This is because the web3 technology market is growing quickly. Chen hopes to attract a wide range of customers, even if they don’t know much about boba or web3 platforms. Chen pointed out that some of their users might not know what blockchain, web3, Solana, or boba are. Because of this understanding, they have been more aggressive about adding web3 to their business plan.

In a formal statement, Josh Fried, who is the Director of Commerce Business Development for the Solana Foundation, talked about how excited he was about the relationship with Boba Guys. Fried thinks that this relationship could make it easier for web3-based reward schemes to spread within the Solana environment. Fried thinks that Boba Guys’ new way of running shops and stores could become a new industry standard. Fried hopes that this relationship will show the many benefits of reward schemes for both customers and stores. It will also make it easier for other companies to get into the web3 space.

Fried also said that the Solana Foundation recently gave Boba Guys $100,000 to help the business grow into the web3 space. This funding shows that the Solana Foundation is committed to helping new blockchain businesses grow and thrive. It also improves the relationship between the two groups. Solana has worked with traditional brands to show how blockchain can be used in the real world and raise awareness of it. Polygon has worked with well-known brands like Starbucks, Adidas, and Disney to move Web3 development forward.

Recent events did not seem to have much of an effect on Solana’s native coin, which is called SOL. At the moment, SOL is selling at $24.43, which is a drop of about 1.50%. Boba Guys and Solana are working together to make a web3-based customer loyalty scheme that uses Solana’s network. This is a smart move that will make Boba Guys a market leader in the bubble tea business and introduce blockchain technology to customer benefits programmes. The addition of NFTs and token-driven events will definitely improve customer involvement and loyalty benefits, which will help Boba Guys build its brand and keep customers coming back.

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