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Market NewsMarch 10, 2022 by Kelly Cromley

Solanium Facilitates Solana Blockchain Users to Create their Own Interface

The blockchain community is buzzing about the Solanium platform. Solana blockchain will be used for governance vote and time-weighted token staking in this brand-new initiative. Users will be able to form SPL token distribution pools, lock SLIM tokens, use a bespoke Serum GUI for Serum trading, and many other features.

It’s all ready for the debut of Solanium, a new platform on the Solana blockchain. Solanium’s seed and private rounds token distribution is random. The developers guarantee that no one player has a huge number of tokens, thereby ensuring a fair distribution method.

As a first step, the platform’s governance will be a hybrid of decentralized blockchain voting and centralization. Voting on the Solanium platform is made possible via the usage of a wallet sign-in. On-chain voting will be implemented gradually by the app’s authors in order to make it completely decentralized. When questioned why they released a partly decentralized application first, the designers said that they wanted to get the attention of the blockchain community as quickly as possible.

Pools are an additional intriguing feature of Solanium. Anyone with a Solana wallet may build a Solanium pool for SPL token distribution. SPL tokens may be created with ease because to a user-friendly UI.

While the Solanium platform’s founders will continue to control the visibility of pools, any user may construct their own pool and interface for engagement.

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