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SolidProof Rolls Out KYC and Audit Services for DeFi Ventures

SolidProof, a blockchain auditing firm located in Germany, has completed advancement of its automated audit solution and aims to publish it shortly. The device, termed the SolidProof Automated Auto Tool (SAAT), is intended to automate and accelerate the whole smart contract auditing process.

The use of decentralized finance (DeFi) by consumers and institutions is accelerating. However, widespread hacking, scamming, and other security flaws aimed against DeFi protocols undermine the sector’s growth. SAAT’s mission is to assist blockchain projects with improving the security and reliability of their code by addressing developer ineptitude.

The platform’s services will eventually mitigate severe risks associated with cryptographic tokens and blockchain technology. Additionally, the automated solution will serve as the hub for all audit-linked services given by SolidProof, assisting the company in producing a trustworthy and easy automatic examination of DeFi codes.

SAAT makes use of pre-installed variables to sniff out faults, mistakes, and inconsistencies in the smart contracts of any DeFi ventures. By automating the whole code evaluation process, the SolidProof team can generate audit reports that are quick, precise, and open, free of human mistake.

Additionally, by automating audits, SolidProof is able to examine very complicated smart contracts that would be nearly difficult to validate manually, hence increasing the safety of DeFi initiatives. After finishing the independent evaluation, SolidProof auditors provide an audit report to the development team that categorizes the security flaws based on their seriousness (critical, medium, and low).

The auditors then provide suggestions for resolving any loose ends or inadequacies in the program. They then collaborate with the project’s supporters to resolve any remaining issues before delivering a final audit report and certificate certifying that the project is secure for general usage.

The upcoming SolidProof auto tool guarantees to be critical for blockchain companies trying to identify difficult-to-find flaws and provide confidence for their smart contract. The product will be vital in improving the security of DeFi initiatives and fostering customer trust.

Lately, the SolidProof team included a placeholder for the automated tool. The placeholder allows launchpads like as Unicrypt to embed the simple-to-use SAAT on their website, quickly making it available to customers.

The move enables DeFi startups running their pre-sale on the platform to quickly and easily complete their audit requirements before to launching their token. SolidProof aspires to be the market leader in DeFi auditing services by integrating world-class automated testing with human code assessments conducted by a group of dedicated blockchain security specialists.

The German-headquartered security service enables DeFi investors to stay comfortable by helping new enterprises to discover and solve potential security flaws. Additionally, SolidProof’s bespoke solution includes KYC scanning services, which analyze clients’ transactional data for signs of forgery, money laundering, or terrorist funding.

To increase openness inside DeFi, the blockchain security business regularly updates its website and social media platforms with the newest audit findings. Projects running in the DeFi domain may submit a non-binding inquiry to the audit team to get a customized and competitive quotation.

On the SolidProof website, programmers may learn how they can utilize the audit firm’s security methods to increase investor trust. To engage with the SolidProof knowledge and understand more about how the company is re-imagining the security of DeFi smart contracts, follow the company on the following social media platforms.

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