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Spartan Unveils Global Unbreakable Pass in Non-Fungible Token Format

The Unbreakable Global Pass is a digital non-fungible token (NFT) that allows admission to over 450 of the world’s finest amazing routes, obstacle course events, fitness contests, and cultural activities in over 45 countries across the world. The Unbreakable Pass is the company’s initial genuinely worldwide service and is portion of its aim to impact 100 million lives by providing individuals across the globe with the tools and resources to exercise hard, eat well, and establish behaviors that ensure a life of continuous improvement.

“The 300 great Spartan soldiers who participated in the war of Thermopylae were centered on the present, and no memorial was ever constructed in their honor,” stated Joe De Sena, founder and CEO of Spartan. “At Spartan, we are concentrating on the present, but we are also creating our heritage and ensuring its continuation. The Unbreakable Pass honors the courageous Spartan 300 soldiers and commemorates the contemporary warriors who struggle every day to live amazing lives.”

Spartan is offering 15,000 Unbreakable Passes that are 100 percent transferrable and resalable and provide access to exclusive perks including:

Spartan 300 Memorial: Original Unbreakable Pass holders will still have their names immortalized on a statue honoring the Spartan 300, which has been authorized in Ancient Sparta on behest of Spartan. This 35-foot-tall monument will be supported by 15,000 stones with the names of the inaugural 15,000 permit holders. Joe De Sena, founder and chief executive officer of Spartan, intends to have his ashes interred under his memorial stone at the venue, and he urges other Super Rare Unbreakable Pass holders to follow suit.

Super Rares: There will be 300 Super Rares among the 15,000 NFT passes, each of which will provide the user nine years of worldwide pass access. The Super Rare passholders will be arbitrarily chosen and will have access to special privileges not accessible to regular passholders, such as the chance to have their ashes scattered over the Spartan 300 Memorial upon their death.

Annual Unbreakable Event: Unbreakable Pass holders will have the privilege of attending this annual three-day celebration where they will have the chance to interact with the founder of Spartan, participate in live practice sessions alongside some of the world’s top athletes, commemorate the unbreakable Spartan community, and feast next to each other every day.

The Unbreakable Pass will provide entry to all of Spartan’s worldwide events for up to nine years, with three years of global access guaranteed up front and the possibility of two more 3-year periods. To qualify for any subsequent 3-year term, the holder must have attended all three Unbreakable Events in the preceding three years.

The membership program includes access to every brand in the Spartan portfolio, including: Spartan Races (including championships), Tough Mudders (including World’s Toughest Mudder), Spartan Combat, Spartan Trail, DEKA, La Ruta mountain bike race in Costa Rica, HIGHLANDER adventure hiking, M20 paddleboard races, the Patagonia Run trail race, Peak Races (Woodsplitter, Bloodroot Ultra, Mount Sparta, Death Race, Camp Spartan, Snow Devil Snowshoe), Hurricane Heats and Agoges. Unbreakable Pass holders will also have exclusive access to Unbreakable Merch drops and other VIP treatment and loyalty rewards.

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