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Spindl and AppsFlyer Forge Partnership to Revolutionize Blockchain Game Marketing

In a groundbreaking move, Spindl, a Web3 attribution and analytics platform, has recently joined forces with AppsFlyer, a seasoned Web2 mobile gaming analytics expert. This strategic partnership is poised to elevate marketing strategies for blockchain-based games by integrating their extensive data sets. The collaboration aims to provide developers with a holistic perspective on user journeys, encompassing both Web2 and Web3 events.


Established Player in Mobile Gaming Analytics


AppsFlyer, a stalwart in the mobile gaming analytics arena since its establishment in 2011, has been a trailblazer in attribution, identifying effective marketing strategies that drive sales, especially within the mobile gaming sector. The company’s success is underscored by its substantial venture capital funding, amounting to $300 million, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.


Spindl’s Web3-Native Vision


Founded two years ago, Spindl was conceived with the vision of developing a Web3-native iteration of a platform akin to AppsFlyer, but tailored explicitly for blockchain-based games. The unique challenge faced by Spindl stems from the hybrid nature of most “Web3 games,” which seamlessly blend on-chain (blockchain) and off-chain elements. Addressing this challenge necessitated integrating capabilities offered by AppsFlyer to create a comprehensive analytics platform for blockchain gaming.


Data Integration for Holistic User Insights


The collaboration between Spindl and AppsFlyer will involve the amalgamation of their respective data sets. This integration is poised to empower developers by providing insights into user journeys that span Web2 events such as clicks and app installs, alongside Web3 events like NFT mints. This significant step towards comprehensive analytics was detailed in a recent blog shared with CoinDesk.


Navigating the Web2 and Web3 Convergence


Web2, the current iteration of the internet, revolves around mobile apps and social media, while Web3 represents the future, emphasizing decentralization and built on blockchain technology. Antonio García Martínez, the founder of Spindl, sees this partnership as a clear indication of the convergence between Web2 and Web3 gaming sectors. He underscores the challenges in obtaining complete data in Web3 gaming, particularly regarding on-chain revenue and user actions. Martinez notes that as a game relies more on blockchain (on-chain), basic metrics like lifetime value become less accurate. The collaborative effort between Spindl and AppsFlyer is geared towards bridging these gaps, providing a more comprehensive analytics framework tailored to the nuances of blockchain gaming development.


In conclusion, the Spindl and AppsFlyer partnership signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of analytics for blockchain-based games. By merging their expertise and data sets, the collaboration is set to empower developers with nuanced insights, ultimately contributing to the growth and innovation of the burgeoning blockchain gaming industry.

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