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Splint Invest Joins Forces with Tezos to Democratize Alternative Investments

In a notable stride towards broadening the horizons of alternative investments, Swiss-based cutting-edge platform Splint Invest has solidified its commitment to decentralized finance (DeFi) by integrating with the Tezos blockchain. This strategic partnership underscores Splint Invest’s dedication to providing diverse investment avenues within a decentralized framework.

Splint Invest introduces a unique opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios through alternative investments. The platform grants users access to meticulously curated valuable assets, meticulously chosen by certified experts. With an accessible entry point of just €50, users gain entry to assets that have historically been the domain of the affluent. The hallmark of the Splint Invest app is its unwavering commitment to transparency, ensuring users are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of their investments while being spared from hidden or ongoing fees.

Facilitating a seamless investment experience, Splint Invest takes charge of the entire sales cycle. Leaning on a team with over two decades of financial services and regulatory expertise, the platform consistently evaluates each asset on a monthly basis. Upon the conclusion of the predefined investment horizon, the team orchestrates the asset’s sale, streamlining the process for investors.

According to information gleaned from the company’s website and FAQs accessible via the mobile app, Splint Invest has enabled users to export their “splints,” which are digital shares in various alternative investments such as luxury goods, rare whisky, private equity, and even collectibles like Lego, onto the Tezos blockchain. These Splint tokens adhere to the FA2 standard, ensuring compatibility with the diverse DeFi ecosystem. The ingenious design allows users to subsequently import these tokens back to the Splint Invest platform, facilitating the seamless claiming of profits akin to traditional Splint ownership.

However, cautionary notes are sounded. Once a Splint is exported from the Splint Invest platform, the security of the associated wallet falls under the purview of the wallet manager. The platform’s control over any losses or unauthorized access to these external wallets ceases.

Each exported token arrives with an appended permalink that outlines the comprehensive terms and conditions. A case in point is the token symbolizing co-ownership units, or “Splints,” within the coveted [Whisky 33] Macallan Easter Elchies Vertical Collection. This token acts as proof of ownership and serves as a repository of critical information, spanning from the issuer (MARK Investment Holding AG) to the corresponding smart contract nested within the Tezos blockchain.

Echoing Tezos Foundation’s bi-annual report of September 2022, MARK Investment Holding, situated in Switzerland, has underscored its dedication to Tezos integration within the Splint Invest platform. This strategic alignment empowers users to partake in fractional ownership, or “splints,” of tangible assets represented as tokens on the Tezos blockchain.

The convergence of Splint Invest and Tezos encapsulates the growing synergy between conventional investment platforms and the innovative potential of blockchain technology. Beyond extending technological frontiers, this collaboration fosters a democratized investment landscape, enabling a broader audience to access and engage with luxury assets. Through this strategic partnership, Splint Invest not only pioneers novel investment avenues but also contributes to the evolving narrative of merging traditional finance paradigms with cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

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