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StreamCoin Unveils Alpha Version of Multi-Streaming Platform MeiTalk

The World Live Streamers Conference (WLSC), which took place from March 25-26 at the Festival Arena, Dubai, UAE, saw StreamCoin reveal a number of significant achievements. More than 30,000 people attended the conference, either at the location or by webcam.

The multi-streaming platform MeiTalk, which released its Alpha version at the conference and attracted the attention of live streamers, influencers, and investors, was the focus of attention for StreamCoin, one of the conference’s primary sponsors.

The World Live Streamers Conference (WLSC), which took place March 25-26 at the Festival Arena in Dubai, UAE, saw major announcements from StreamCoin. Around 30,000 people attended the conference, with many more participating digitally.

Live streamers, influencers, and investors were drawn to the multi-streaming platform MeiTalk, which StreamCoin unveiled during the conference in an Alpha edition, making it one of the conference’s most visible sponsors. Visitors from nations including the United States, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea, and Pakistan were shown MeiTalk’s features and benefits in a separate booth.

When the two-day conference began, StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh was asked to present the opening keynote address. For investors, fans, companies, and live streamers, he took advantage of the chance to explain MeiTalk’s mission and accomplishments, as well as its features and advantages.

Michael expressed his gratitude to everyone who visited the booths:

“Please accept our sincere gratitude on behalf of the whole StreamCoin team for the great support that you have shown us. We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from our visitors, as well as offers of collaboration from other firms and investors, which shows that our efforts to pave the way for the future of live streaming have been a great success.”

During his address, Michael streamed a live demonstration of MeiTalk’s capabilities. MeiTalk’s multi-streaming feature allowed the stream to be simultaneously broadcast on other popular platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. Additionally, StreamCoin introduced its much-anticipated NFT minting capability, which was tested by conference attendees. StreamCoin’s next projects, including Stream Chain (Mainnet 1.0 and 2.0) and GaStream (Mainnet 1.0), were also discussed by Michael during the event (GSTRM).\

The MeiTalk Top 100 Influencer Awards were conducted at the conclusion of the first day of the conference, in which StreamCoin and the event organizer, TNC Group, honored 100 of the most famous influencers today. This year’s Washington Elite Conference included many interviews with Michael, including ones done by Washington Elite founder Bruce Porter and the Dubai-based cryptocurrency news website CoinQuora. Michael also spoke on several panels during the conference.

CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh revealed that when StreamCoin was launched, “we only expected companies in the live streaming industry to notice us. In the end, everyone in the blockchain sector is interested in working with us. I look forward to working with you and the wider blockchain community to bring our technology and services to bear in a meaningful manner.”

Michael Ein Chaybeh, CEO of StreamCoin, praised TNC for highlighting the coin during the conference. Michael stated he was looking forward to working with the firm again in the future. To far, the community has responded well to the third and final round of StreamCoin’s initial coin offering (ICO). During the public auction, the corporation intends to meet its goal. After that, the business will proceed to list STRM on several exchanges.

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