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Sui 8192 Web3 Game Generates 258mln in Transactions on Sui Blockchain

The Sui 8192 Web3 game has experienced a surge in popularity, attracting 258 million transactions on the Sui blockchain within the past 24 hours. Developed by former Meta employees using the Move language, Sui differentiates itself from first-generation blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum by processing transactions in parallel. Sui 8192 players have the option to pre-determine their spending to avoid gas fee shocks, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The game’s unique feature lies in its transformation into a non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain once a player achieves 8192 points. The creation of Sui 8192 aims to generate interest in the Web3 ecosystem.

Sui’s Growing Gaming Portfolio:

In addition to Sui 8192, the Sui blockchain hosts other notable games, such as high fantasy action titles like Abyss World, Cosmocadia, and Orange Comet. The platform’s diverse gaming portfolio caters to various preferences and interests.

Industry Response and Competing Offerings:

Previously, the gaming industry faced challenges in attracting sustained interest due to poor user experiences, unengaging narratives, and unsustainable game economics. However, the rise of the Play-to-Earn game Axie Infinity during the 2021 bull market brought attention to Web3 gaming. Despite its initial popularity, Axie Infinity struggled to establish a stable in-game economy. Zilliqa’s Web3 Hub, originally intended for console release, is now accessible online, adding to the growing competition in the market.

Ubisoft and Sega’s Entry into Blockchain Gaming:

Recognizing the potential of blockchain-based gaming, established gaming companies like Ubisoft and Sega have taken steps to join the Web3 movement. Ubisoft recently unveiled a new strategy game running on the blockchain, signaling its commitment to exploring this emerging space. Sega, on the other hand, has announced plans to launch a brand new Web3 game while considering porting an existing title to the blockchain. These moves indicate a growing interest from traditional gaming giants in the Web3 ecosystem.

Web3’s Future and Cooperation in the Industry:

Despite Microsoft’s previous focus on metaverse development through its pursuit of Activision Blizzard, the interest in Web3 has faced challenges in recent times. However, the possibility of declining interest in Web3 may lead to increased collaboration in areas such as distributed computing and artificial intelligence.


The success of the Sui 8192 Web3 game, with its impressive transaction numbers on the Sui blockchain, demonstrates the potential of blockchain-based gaming to attract users and interest. Sui’s approach of transforming completed games into NFTs adds unique value to the gaming experience. The growing portfolio of games on the Sui blockchain, along with the entry of established gaming companies like Ubisoft and Sega, further solidifies the potential of Web3 gaming. While challenges remain, cooperation and innovation in areas like distributed computing and artificial intelligence may hold the key to sustaining interest in the evolving Web3 ecosystem.

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