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Sui Blockchain Chosen by Orange Comet For Web3 Games

A collaboration between Mysten Labs and Orange Comet has been revealed, which will bring about permanent changes to web3 games. The well-known next-generation gaming and entertainment studio has partnered with the leading web3 infrastructure company and developer of the Sui blockchain to collaborate on upcoming web3 advancements. Three amazing video game titles are launched through this collaboration. Some upcoming releases are Final Stardust (coming out on May 18th), Degens & Dragons (coming out on May 31st), and The Walking Dead: Lands (coming out on June 8th).

With its innovative and creative approach to web3 game development, Orange Comet has gained recognition since its establishment in 2020. They create digital content with production quality comparable to Hollywood under the guidance of Dave Broome, an experienced professional in the entertainment industry. At Orange Comet, players can enjoy immersive gaming experiences that offer them endless possibilities and digital ownership.

Using Mysten Labs’ advanced Sui technology, Orange Comet plans to keep producing top-notch games, gaming franchises, and NFT collections that offer an immersive experience. Orange Comet’s growth and expansion will be supported by Comet Labs, a recently established research division.

One of the upcoming releases, The Walking Dead: Lands, is a collaborative project with AMC Networks that is entirely original. The original game Meanwhile Degens & Dragons by Comet Labs is quite thrilling. In addition, Kinzora and Comet Labs are collaborating to create Final Stardust, guaranteeing a memorable gaming experience.

Sui’s unique object-based architecture and dynamic composability are utilized by Orange Comet to produce a diverse range of captivating games, gaming franchises, and NFT collections. The company’s expansion and development objectives are in line with this action.

The declaration comes after the introduction of Comet Labs. Comet Labs is a new research division. Orange Comet aims to use Sui’s innovative technology to produce captivating content that showcases its dedication to innovation and high standards. Orange Comet has launched Comet Labs to conduct exciting research projects aimed at enhancing their dominant position in the gaming sector.

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