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Sui Network Revolutionizes Web3 Onboarding with zkLogin

Sui Network, a pioneering one-layer blockchain platform, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking feature aimed at simplifying the onboarding process for Web3 applications. In a press release dated September 13, the Sui Foundation announced the introduction of zkLogin (Zero Knowledge login), enabling users to access decentralized applications (DApps) seamlessly without the need to manage external crypto wallets or seed phrases. This innovative approach represents a significant milestone in bridging the gap between mainstream users and blockchain technology, as it allows individuals to utilize familiar social logins, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitch credentials, for DApp access.

Streamlining Web3 Onboarding:

Traditional onboarding into the Web3 space has been plagued by usability challenges, deterring both newcomers and experienced users. Issues like the necessity to sign transactions, safeguard seed phrases, and grapple with complex cryptographic information have long hindered adoption. Recognizing these barriers, Sui Network has taken a leap forward by introducing zkLogin, which eliminates these hurdles and promotes accessibility for billions of potential users.

Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, “By enabling users to access dApps with the social logins they have grown comfortable using, zkLogin removes a major hurdle for bringing the benefits of blockchain-based applications to billions of mainstream users.”

Empowering Users with Zero-Knowledge Proof Technology:

The zkLogin feature not only simplifies the onboarding process but also ensures the privacy and security of users. Adeniyi Abiodun, co-founder and chief operating officer of Mysten Labs, acknowledged the industry’s concerns and highlighted how zkLogin allows users to harness the privacy and ownership-preserving capabilities of blockchain-based applications without compromising security.

Zero-knowledge proof technology, at the core of zkLogin, enables parties to verify the truth of an assertion without revealing any additional information beyond the assertion’s validity. This cryptographic innovation enhances user trust and data protection, a critical aspect of mainstream adoption.

Collaborative Efforts to Promote Web3 Adoption:

Sui Network is not the sole player in the mission to remove barriers to Web3 adoption. Several entities within the crypto and blockchain space are actively working to enhance user experiences and make DeFi, gaming, and trading more accessible.

DYOR, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced on August 28 its development of a social media-like application designed to simplify interaction with the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. This initiative aims to reduce the complexity often associated with crypto markets, making them more approachable for a broader audience.

Moxy, a pioneering Web3 gaming company, takes a unique approach to integrate gamers into the Web3 ecosystem. Instead of relying on play-to-earn economics, Moxy has created a competition-based esports platform where users can engage in skill-based wagering and earn cryptocurrency rewards. This innovative concept adds a layer of gamification to the Web3 experience, attracting gaming enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Telegram Trading Bots: A Changing Landscape:

In addition to the aforementioned developments, the rise of Telegram trading bots like Unibot and BananaGun has brought significant changes to the onboarding process within the cryptocurrency space. These trading bots empower traders to swiftly identify new tokens and hunt for airdrops directly within the Telegram application. This streamlining of token acquisition and airdrop participation simplifies the entry for new users and enhances the overall crypto trading experience.


Sui Network’s introduction of zkLogin marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards widespread Web3 adoption. By offering a user-friendly login solution that leverages familiar social credentials and zero-knowledge proof technology, the blockchain industry is taking a giant stride in making blockchain-based applications accessible to mainstream users. Collaborative efforts within the crypto space, including simplified DeFi access, innovative gaming platforms, and user-friendly trading bots, are collectively reshaping the landscape of Web3 onboarding. These initiatives demonstrate a commitment to enhancing user experiences and removing the complexities that have historically hindered blockchain adoption. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, such innovations will play a pivotal role in its expansion and integration into the lives of billions worldwide.

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