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SuiPad Launches Releap Protocol: Empowering Creators in a Decentralized Social Network

SuiPad, the leading launchpad for tier 1 projects on the Sui network, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Releap Protocol on August 7th. This innovative protocol aims to revolutionize creators’ ownership of their community relationships, establishing a fully composable, decentralized social network.

Revolutionizing Social Networking and Content Ownership

Releap App, a cutting-edge social networking platform, prioritizes content quality and creator ownership. Collaborations with prominent creators are in progress to diversify platform content, while incentives are being developed to encourage community-generated content and reward high-quality contributions.

Key Features of Releap Protocol:

Elimination of Corporate Control: Releap disrupts the centralised Web2 model, empowering users by removing corporate control over user access and data.

Direct Monetization of Content: Unlike traditional advertising models, Releap enables users to monetize their work directly, ensuring revenue flows directly to creators.

Ownership of Content: Profile NFTs grant content creators exclusive ownership of their creations, giving them full control over their content.

Sponsored Transactions: Releap Protocol Apps can subsidise social activities within their platform, offering sponsored transactions as a competitive advantage.

Decentralized Content Metadata: Content Objects on Releap store metadata on the Sui blockchain, providing content creators with more control and ownership.

Roadmap of Releap Protocol:

Sui Mainnet Launch: The protocol will be launched on the Sui Mainnet, establishing a foundation for decentralized social networking.

Community Curation: Releap Protocol will introduce community curation, allowing users to curate and serve content on the platform, enhancing social experiences.

Releap DAO Launch: Plans to launch the Releap DAO, enabling community governance and decision-making.

Sponsored Transactions using $REAP: Development of functionality for sponsored transactions using the native $REAP token.

Mobile Integration and Expansion of Features: Integrating with mobile platforms and continuously enhancing and expanding features to cater to evolving user needs.

Expansion to Other Chains: Future plans include expanding Releap Protocol to other blockchain networks.

The Releap Protocol’s launch represents a major step forward in reshaping social networking and content ownership in the decentralized space. As it strives to empower creators and foster a vibrant decentralized social network, Releap Protocol brings promising opportunities to the Web3 community.

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