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Swiss Firm, Pacifical To Launch Blockchain Traceable Tuna Products

Gustav Gerig, a well-established Swiss food company for over 90 years, has decided to partner with Pacifical cv to make its MSC certified canned and pouched Rosé tuna range traceable through the Ethereum blockchain under its “Raimond Freres” brand. The products can be identified with the Pacific logo on the can lids.

With this bold step, Gustav Gerig is the first European food importer to make a series of fish that are fully traceable through the Ethereum block chain, from catch to final processing.

To ensure the highest level of transparency, the company enables all customers to access data on how the Pacific MSC tuna has been accurately captured by the following information: which master, which ship, when, where and when. With this state-of-the-art technology, Gustav Gerig not only confirms its leading position and innovative position in the Swiss food market, but above all its commitment to sustainable products.

This innovative tool is provided by the blockchain service provider Atato, which develops decentralized applications for business customers. Founded in Bangkok in 2017, Atato leads the company’s blockchain innovation in partnership with ConsenSy.

The final product and packaging will also be audited by JMB International Thailand, a third party quality control company with more than 30 years of experience in the tuna industry, in order to ensure the quality of the “Raimond Freres” brand for this project.

The MSC tuna products involved in this project can be identified by the Pacific logo on the canisters. The consumer must scan the QR code on the label in order to access the website of the blockchain viewer. Once on the website, the consumer must enter the Pacific tracking code found on the deck.

All traceability information relevant to the fish in the deck can be downloaded. Pacifical is the global marketing company established jointly by the 8 Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) to promote the PNA region and actively trade its MSC certified free school skipjack and yellowfin tuna to consumers worldwide.

Pacific MSC certified skipjack and yellowfin tuna from PNA and Tokelau waters are available worldwide and all products carry the Pacific logo as a geographical indication of the region, as well as a clear representation of the commitment of the end market to the PNA countries and the recognition of the countries that manage the tuna stocks in their waters every day.

Since 2011, Pacifical has been at the forefront of traceability, offering full traceability to all MSC Pacific partners. In 2018, Pacifical began working with Atato to launch a tailored and comprehensive blockchain initiative covering all its sustainably caught tuna MSC certified products. This new, innovative blockchain integration covers over 220 large fishing vessels.

The entire supply chain and custody chain of around 35 million tuna, caught annually in an area 40% larger than Europe, provides unprecedented transparency and traceability in order to maximize confidence in the sustainability of tuna fishing.

Gustav Gerig AG is a modern marketing and sales organization that supplies a diverse, innovative range of non-perishable foodstuffs to both retailers and the catering industry. We employ a team of 30 highly qualified and motivated staff.

Gustav Gherig AG has been offering a complete tuna line with its “Raimond Freres” brand since 1949, tailored to retail, food service and industrial clients. The tuna business is one of the company’s core businesses and its overall strategic development remains a top priority.

The procurement of “Raimond Freres” is carried out with top and worldwide tuna packers to supply the best products at the most competitive price. In Switzerland, “Raimond Freres” was a pioneer in introducing MSC-certified tuna to the market and synonymous with sustainability and quality.

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