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TAAL Slashes Transaction Fees on BSV Blockchain by 98%

TAAL, a leading provider of blockchain services, recently made a groundbreaking move by cutting transaction fees on the BSV Blockchain by 98% this week. The transaction fees have been reduced from 50 Satoshis (SATS) per kilobyte (£0.010239) to 1 SAT per kilobyte (£0.000205). This noteworthy action underscores the possibility of boundless scalability without any surge in transaction expenses, thereby consolidating TAAL’s position as the foremost enterprise platform for large-scale data in the market.

The transaction fee benchmark on the BSV Blockchain is notably lower compared to other chains. The average transaction fee for BTC is £1.89, whereas Ethereum imposes a fee of £2.94. It is noteworthy that the transaction fees of Ethereum have witnessed a decline in the past year, considering that it previously imposed a fee of around £9.34 for each transaction.

The economic impracticality of large-scale enterprise data applications is due to Ethereum’s scalability limitations and high transaction fees. As a result, TAAL’s reduction of fees on the BSV Blockchain offers a cost-efficient option that guarantees scalability while maintaining full functionality.

Lars Jorgensen, the CEO of TAAL, explained the importance of this move, emphasizing that it signifies a significant step towards creating a legitimate Internet of Value and a novel data economy for the global community. Despite the transition taking less than half a minute, its implications are enormous. The reduction of transaction fees to one SAT is a strategic move towards ensuring the longevity of the BSV blockchain. This initiative will enable the seamless expansion of the ecosystem while simultaneously enhancing the chain’s utility. The decline of BSV results in a collective gain for all.

The permanent reduction in charges is available to all customers of the BSV network. The size of transactions may vary; however, the standard data size that is conveyed to the blockchain typically falls within the range of 400 to 1000 bytes. The cost reductions are exemplified by the decrease in price from $12.5 million to 25 cents for a million transactions.

Notwithstanding the seemingly unassuming nature of this reduction, it sets the stage for the lofty goal of the BSV blockchain to facilitate trillions of transactions on a daily basis in the foreseeable future. The continuous advancement of Teranode, which serves as the foundation of the platform, has produced encouraging outcomes, exhibiting an unrestricted throughput of 1,300,000 transactions per second. The aim of the design is to achieve limitless scalability.

History was made on May 26, 2023, when the BSV Blockchain achieved a remarkable feat by processing more than 86 million transactions in a single day, surpassing all previous scaling records. The ongoing development of network infrastructure and fee reduction offer promising prospects for blockchain scalability and global adoption in the future.

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