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TD Securities Revolutionizes Precious Metals Trading with Paxos Blockchain Integration

In a pioneering move, TD Securities is undergoing a significant transformation in its precious metals trading operations by implementing Paxos’s blockchain-based Settlement Service for Commodities. This innovative step marks an industry-first achievement, as it enables simultaneous settlements in both cash and commodities, aiming to mitigate credit risk and optimize capital efficiency within trading processes.


Revolutionizing Settlements for Enhanced Risk Mitigation:

TD Securities’ collaboration with Paxos signifies a substantial leap in the settlement of traditional and digital trades in real-time. This strategic integration is poised to set new standards for commodities settlement, providing a streamlined operational framework. Joe Quinlan from TD Securities underscored the transformative impact of synchronized settlements, emphasizing the potential to significantly reduce risk in trading activities.


Paxos as a Central Hub for Counterparty Settlements:

Paxos, known for its collaborations with prominent financial platforms such as PayPal and Bank of America, will serve as the central hub for all counterparty settlements in TD Securities’ precious metals trading operations. The blockchain-based Settlement Service for Commodities promises full automation, covering post-trade confirmation to final settlement, irrespective of whether the parties involved are on the same network. Anoushka Rayner from Paxos highlighted the comprehensive nature of the service, aiming to optimize TD Securities’ commodities business through improved operational processes.


Paxos’s Resilience Amidst Regulatory Scrutiny:

This strategic initiative unfolds against the backdrop of Paxos’s involvement in various innovative projects throughout the year, despite facing regulatory scrutiny. On February 14, 2023, Paxos underwent an investigation by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and suspended the minting of the Binance-linked stablecoin BUSD amid potential legal action from the SEC. Despite these challenges, Paxos continued forging partnerships in the digital currency space, collaborating with and PayPal on September 17, 2023, to develop PYUSD’s USD-pegged token project.

Elevating Forex Data Analytics with Tradefeedr:

In parallel, TD Securities is enhancing its Forex data analytics capabilities by integrating Tradefeedr’s FX Data Analytics Platform. This strategic move is part of a broader effort by TD Securities to leverage advanced technologies, promising greater efficiency and precision in financial markets operations.



TD Securities’ integration of Paxos’s blockchain-based Settlement Service for Commodities represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of precious metals trading. The simultaneous settlement of cash and commodities is expected to redefine industry standards, addressing credit risk and enhancing capital efficiency. Amidst Paxos’s resilience in navigating regulatory challenges, this collaborative effort with TD Securities underscores the commitment to advancing operational processes and embracing technological innovations in the financial markets sector. The incorporation of Tradefeedr’s FX Data Analytics Platform further solidifies TD Securities’ dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technologies for optimal performance in the evolving landscape of financial markets.

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