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Telstra Opts for Eluvio’s Web3 Solution for Live Video Streaming

Telstra is working with Dalet and Eluvio to distribute real-time video content over the Internet without using web2 content delivery networks (CDN). Fox backs Eluvio, which has made a content delivery network (CDN) for web3 based on blockchain technology. For the longer Web3 version of the first Lord of the Rings movie, Warner Bros. hires Eluvio.

Eluvio gives content creators a place to share their work directly with customers, with the option of using on-chain funds. Telstra and Dalet, both of which offer value-added services, are marketing the answer. The high cost of webcasts is a problem that people are having to deal with right now. For live content to be streamed, you need to use expensive cloud storage or content delivery networks. Eluvio says that compared to clouds and CDNs, their approach can save up to 80% on costs. A big part of Eluvio’s secret recipe has to do with how movies are encoded and sent, not with distributed ledger technology.

The use of blockchain technology makes the “video supply chain” more transparent by making direct content delivery possible. Before showing the answer, the partners did a proof of concept that allowed a live event to be sent from the Telstra television control room in Australia to watchers in the United States. It’s important to note that this was done without using video encoders, cloud storage, or CDNs.

Ewan Johnston, who is the Director of Channel and Strategic Alliances at Dalet, says that this partnership is a big deal for the media and entertainment industry. It makes it easier and more clear for our clients to manage their information throughout the whole supply chain. One of the most important parts of the proposed answer is using blockchain technology to regulate rights management. The presenter uses a private key to secure the video stream. Consumers must use the web3 digital rights management (DRM) method to unlock the material before they can view it.

Eluvio’s blockchain is a “sidechain” that can be used with Ethereum. It uses proof of authority as its way to reach an agreement, which makes it a network that can only be accessed with approval. Telstra is also one of the makers of nodes that help validate blocks. Since blockchain technology is used to handle rights, it is very important to have an independent and unchangeable record, which is made possible by the fact that nodes are not all in one place.

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