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Tezos Blockchain Chosen by Carbon Footprint Reduction Initiative Kora for Payments and Data Protection

Kora, an app that compensates users for reducing their carbon footprint, has revealed a funding from the Tezos Foundation and the app’s usage of the power saving Tezos blockchain. The Kora app promotes climate-friendly behaviors and assists people, businesses, and institutions in measuring and reducing their co2 emissions.

Users receive Koras for behaviors that minimize their carbon emissions, like bicycling, transitioning to renewable energy, and utilizing public transit. Tezos, an open-source blockchain network driven by a worldwide decentralized network of users and verifiers, will offer data and payment safety for the Kora application.

Gilad Regev, CEO and co-founder of Kora, explains why the company chose Tezos: “Kora is transforming into the most precise real-time framework for monitoring and certifying behavioral changes. Ensuring the safety of the data and payment credentials of our users constitutes a crucial step in the development of our platform.

In addition, the low-carbon Tezos blockchain provides safe climate action certification. As a forerunner of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain revolution, and with one of the least co2 emissions in the business, equivalent to that of 17 people per year, Tezos was the natural option for Kora’s blockchain.”

Gilad says, “The backing from the Tezos Foundation of Kora is a decisive development in the evolution of Kora, one that will aid catapult it to greater levels as both an app and a campaign, and we are eager to collaborate with Tezos in this positive phase of our development.”

Companies and developers from all around the world use Tezos for initiatives that investigate the possibilities of blockchain as a tool for environmentally friendly innovation. Cambridge University has revealed that the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C) is developing a trustworthy decentralized marketplace on Tezos that connects corporate funders and environmentalists via computerized and fair international oracles.

By employing this marketplace, buyers of carbon offsets will be able to finance environment initiatives directly and with confidence. As portion of its cooperation, Kora has joined the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (4C) as a pioneering blockchain-based carbon reduction project.

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