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Tezos India Teams Up with Huddle to Redefine Communication through Blockchain Integration

Tezos India, a trailblazer in embracing blockchain technology, has announced a strategic partnership with Huddle, a peer-to-peer (P2P) video calling and messaging platform. This collaboration between the two entities introduces a seamless and decentralized communication experience, signifying a significant stride in reshaping digital interactions for individuals and businesses alike. Through the integration of Tezos and Huddle, users can access Huddle01 via any Tezos wallet, enabling real-time decentralized communication infrastructure. Notably, Huddle stands out with its Web3 integration, offering features like token-gating, NFT-based profile pictures, and decentralized storage for meeting records on platforms such as IPFS and Filecoin. Moreover, the platform leverages decentralization for live streaming through Livepeer, enhancing the overall user experience.

Huddle’s Innovative Approach to Communication:

Huddle, an innovative P2P video calling and messaging technology, has revolutionized communication dynamics by eliminating the reliance on centralized servers. Prioritizing low latency and exceptional performance, Huddle provides users with a distinctive platform that champions privacy and security. A noteworthy aspect of Huddle’s approach is its commitment to user confidentiality—requiring no registration and abstaining from user data tracking, fostering a secure environment for interactions.

The Voice of Tezos India:

In response to the partnership, Amanjot Malhotra, Head of Growth at Tezos India, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration’s potential. In his remarks, he highlighted the transformative impact this venture could bring to the communication landscape. “The partnership between Tezos India and Huddle opens the door to a new era of communication that prioritizes privacy, security, and accessibility,” stated Malhotra. He also underlined the excitement to leverage Tezos’ capabilities in driving innovation within the realm of communication.

Huddle’s Perspective:

Ayush Ranjan, co-founder, and CEO at Huddle shared similar sentiments about the partnership. He conveyed Huddle’s commitment to redefining the connections between people and commended the alignment between Tezos’ capabilities and Huddle’s mission. Ranjan remarked, “The integration with Tezos aligns perfectly with our mission, and we’re eager to see the transformative impact this partnership will have on digital communication.”

Advancing with Funding:

In the year 2023, Huddle01 successfully secured a $2.8 million seed funding round. Notable participants in this funding cycle included Protocol Labs, East Ventures, Longhash Ventures, along with distinguished angel investors such as Balaji Srinivasan and Juan Benet, among others. This substantial investment underscores the industry’s recognition of Huddle’s potential to reshape communication paradigms.

A Glimpse into the Future:

Collectively, Tezos India and Huddle stand poised to revolutionize communication technology. Their partnership offers a glimpse into a future where values like privacy, decentralization, and user empowerment are at the forefront of digital interactions. By harnessing the capabilities of Tezos’ blockchain and Huddle’s innovative communication platform, this collaboration paves the way for a transformed digital communication landscape. As users embrace the seamless integration of blockchain and P2P communication, the potential for widespread impact becomes apparent.


The partnership between Tezos India and Huddle underscores the dynamic potential of uniting blockchain technology and innovative communication platforms. As Tezos’ capabilities merge with Huddle’s commitment to privacy and security, the collaboration charts a course toward a communication landscape that is not only decentralized but also user-centric. This endeavor reaffirms the significant role that blockchain can play in redefining conventional paradigms, extending its influence beyond financial realms into the heart of daily interactions.

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