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Tezos PoS Blockchain and Google Partner on Web3 Innovation

Google and the proof-of-stake (pos) blockchain Tezos have teamed up to promote web3 advancement on the decentralized Tezos network. According to reports, the Tezos Foundation will join Google Cloud as a validator through their partnership. Corporate customers of Google’s cloud framework will be able to create web3 apps and implement decentralized systems on the Tezos blockchain through the deal.

Using Tezos nodes, these Cloud clients will be able to build blockchain applications. Blockchain nodes serve as communication hubs, enabling users to, among several other things, ratify trades, monitor blockchain records, and execute the software required for web3 applications. Google Cloud offers a secure and dependable framework for Web3 pioneers and programmers to develop and scale applications. We anticipate introducing the reliability and scalability of Google Cloud to Tezos to enable Web3 apps.

In a recent collaboration with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, the tech titan merged its Cloud facility with digital currency payouts. Coinbase will enable Cloud users to resolve their payments with Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and eight additional cryptocurrencies. The search engine titan has interacted with web3 systems in the past.

The tech behemoth had previously revealed a node hosting facility for the Ethereum platform. Prior to that, the company rolled out node services for Axie Infinity’s Ronin system, an Ethereum-based side-chain for blockchain game titles. In November, the tech firm also joined the Solana blockchain network and released a node driver for the blockchain.

Undoubtedly, the collaboration with the Tezos Foundation and previous partnerships strengthen the crossover storyline between huge web2 firms and emerging web3 enterprises. Rest of the mainstream organizations such as MasterCard, Visa, and Reddit, have dabbled in the expanding blockchain environment.


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