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TOKE.N Unveils Platform Supporting NFT, Marketplace and Metaverse

The world has undergone a major shift on multiple fronts during the last decade, developments that touch millions of individuals on a regular basis. One of them has been the reduction in the prejudice associated with marijuana, as well as its subsequent decriminalization and legalization. The second factor is the rise of bitcoin. Now, an idea develops that smoothly connects the two, dabbling in two expanding sectors to produce an exceptional offering. TOKE is the project’s name.

Toke.n is the next stage in a wide variety of initiatives that will be connected together in a grand scheme disclosed later in this article. It was created by the same team that created the PICNIC Launchpad, Cheems Inu, MicroMachines / Warbots, and Metavault. Scotian OG, the principal developer, has years of expertise in the real-world marijuana market and has gained experience in implementing creative contracts and initiatives on the blockchain in 2021. Inked Up, a co-developer and collaborator, has extensive expertise in providing coordinated marketing, community organizing, and entire project administration, and the two have collaborated together for a long period of time.

TOKE.N provides a variety of services and applications, but its primary goal is to provide clients with a level of transparency that the latest large-cannabis stores and businesses cannot. It also provides value for cannabis producers, processors, and merchants (which is equally significant). TOKE.N aims to bring the personal character of underground-market cannabis dealings back to the user by offering tracking, data, and a substantially better experience all across the procedure.

TOKE.N strives to reintroduce some of the enchantment to the cannabis encounter, whether a person is a general user or a medicinal patient. To begin, by utilizing TOKE.N, the customer will have access to information such as where the food was farmed, the circumstances under which it grew, the manner in which it was processed, its genetic background, and far more. People expect more than a catchy strain name and THC/CBD levels from a product as all-encompassing as marijuana. Companies who connect with TOKE.N will be able to incorporate an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in the purchasing price of their goods. This allows the corporation to directly sell their brand while also adding value to the goods by associating it with a distinct token that will have use on the blockchain.

Cannabis packaging NFTs will be collectable, tradeable, and marketable. The initial generation will be cannabis seeds that will grow into completely grown plants. Other collections will include cannabis-themed art and music. NFTs may be bought on our Marketplace or created from our portal for users outside of Canada. Users may assemble collections of all variants from a producer, breeder, or location.

The TOKE.N website will have both an NFT marketplaces and a standard online shop. The online shop will sell a variety of cannabis-related items and home growing gear. It will be accessible globally and will take TOKE.N as well as other crypto currencies as payment in addition to normal fiats. There will be a federally regulated online medical cannabis store in Canada where customers with the necessary medical documentation may lawfully acquire cannabis and cannabis items from our associates.

Our long-term objective is to take crypto currencies as payment on our site as well. Scotian OG has secured seven cannabis permits from Health Canada for third-party producers in the last year, and we are confident in acquiring the necessary licensing for the TOKE.N initiative. TOKE.N will be used as the principal money in the virtual reality game New Block City.

Players will be able to stake their TOKE.Ns and gathered or bought NFTs on their own virtual farms in NBC’s Agrestic borough. When the gaming platform starts, the top 50 TOKE.N possessors will get free OG farms. NFTs begin as seeds and develop over time after being planted (staked) by the user. Seeds contain genetic characteristics as well as terpene profiles that influence their growth, production, and value.

Users may “breed” two NFT seeds to create a hybrid plant with genetic components from both seeds. On the market, these hybrids may be almost valued than their parents. Each user invention will be one-of-a-kind, allowing for a variety of game play throughout time. NBC is a new game that will allow you to get gaming experience. It will happen in an open world virtual metropolis. Players will vie for money, property, power, and celebrity throughout five distinct city boroughs. Successful players will be able to dominate the New Block City economy and amass substantial fortune.

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