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Tokenum Revolutionizes Crypto Landscape with Innovative Gasless Technology

Tokenum, an innovative cryptocurrency platform, proudly unveils its groundbreaking “gasless technology,” marking a significant leap forward in simplifying cryptocurrency transactions and token offerings on the Ethereum blockchain. This revolutionary advancement signals a new era of user-friendly accessibility in the crypto space.


Advancement in Transaction Simplicity:

The platform has initiated alpha testing, with an expedited beta version set for release within a week. Tokenum’s gasless technology eliminates the complexity of dealing with “gas” fees, providing a more straightforward approach to cryptocurrency transactions. Unlike traditional banking, where transaction fees are paid in the same currency being transacted, cryptocurrency often involves fees in blockchain-specific digital currencies.


Facilitating Cryptocurrency Projects:

This technological innovation addresses challenges faced by new cryptocurrency projects, such as scheduling, legal compliance, compatible wallets, and sale regulations. Tokenum’s gasless technology streamlines the process for users to participate in project sales, eliminating the need to acquire specific coins to cover blockchain gas fees. This enhancement is poised to attract a wider audience and maximize revenue for crypto projects.


Reshaping the NFT Industry:

Tokenum’s gasless technology has the potential to reshape the NFT industry. By allowing NFT creators and owners to prepay for NFT transfers, it removes the burden of gas payments for users. This not only opens doors to new audiences but also simplifies the process, making it as effortless as managing digital art on mainstream platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.


Supporting New Blockchains:

Tokenum extends its benefits to new blockchains by enabling users to leverage existing tokens, eliminating the need to acquire blockchain-specific coins for different networks. This simplifies the intricate process of navigating and utilizing new blockchains, platforms, or metaverses.


Operational Status and Future Plans:

Tokenum stands out with its fully operational status on the Ethereum network, unlike other industry players still in developmental stages. Led by the world’s first AI CEO, Takeshi Tokenai, Tokenum plans to expand its support to additional networks, solidifying its position as a key player in the future of cryptocurrency.


Technological Leadership:

Takeshi Tokenai, the AI-powered CEO, leads Tokenum’s powerful technology. Appointed on July 1, 2021, Tokenai is the first AI CEO globally. Tokenum’s technological prowess is reinforced by its international team, boasting two decades of experience in cybersecurity, high technology, and blockchain.


Company’s Vision and Initiatives:

Tokenum, as expressed by Takeshi Tokenai, aims to “take the crypto world by storm.” The gasless technology not only simplifies transactions but also supports token sales and contributes to the growth of new blockchains. Integrated with CyberWallet and HyperID, Tokenum provides a seamless entrance to web3 projects, regardless of users’ crypto skills.


Community Engagement and Expansion Preparations:

The company actively engages with the crypto community on platforms like X channel, Zealy, and QuestN, offering giveaways and opportunities. In the cryptocurrency realm, these initiatives often indicate preparations for rapid expansion and the potential launch of their own token.


In summary, Tokenum’s gasless technology is a transformative force, making waves in the cryptocurrency landscape by simplifying transactions, bolstering token sales, and fostering the growth of new blockchains. The platform’s integration with leading wallets and identity solutions positions it as a major player shaping the future of cryptocurrency.

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