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TOKO and PwC Hong Kong Join Forces to Provide Blockchain Solutions for Global Clients

TOKO, the digital asset creation platform developed in collaboration with global law firm DLA Piper, has recently announced a partnership with PwC Hong Kong. Under this agreement, TOKO will provide blockchain solutions to PwC’s extensive client base worldwide. This collaboration aims to offer end-to-end virtual asset solutions, empowering asset owners, issuers, and investors to address real-world challenges and promote financial inclusion.

TOKO’s Digital Asset Creation Platform to Offer Blockchain Solutions to PwC’s Global Clients

TOKO’s comprehensive offering stems from its ability to create data-rich tokens linked to a diverse range of underlying assets, including real estate, funds, shares, IP rights, and digital art. The digital asset creation platform allows for the deployment of virtual assets on multiple public blockchains, while ensuring privacy and confidentiality by granting access only to authorized users.

Enhancing the Virtual Asset Ecosystem with TOKO’s Offerings

The partnership between TOKO and PwC will focus on driving the development of the virtual asset ecosystem. One of the key initiatives will involve leveraging TOKO’s tokenization platform to build a use case that promotes the expansion of securities markets for issuers and investors alike. This collaboration will provide enhanced security, transparency, and operational efficiencies to PwC’s global clients, overcoming the barriers associated with asset illiquidity.


Peter Brewin and Scott Thiel Discuss the Benefits of the Agreement

Peter Brewin, a partner at PwC Hong Kong, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration and highlighted the value that TOKO’s platform brings to their clients. He emphasized the platform’s versatility in customizing token attributes and data sets to suit various asset classes, such as real estate, funds, IP rights, digital art, and trade finance. Additionally, Brewin emphasized the ability to mint tokens on multiple public blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Hedera, Algorand, among others. He also noted the platform’s capability to immutably bind legal documents and data files to tokens on a separate permissioned blockchain, ensuring privacy and confidentiality for authorized users.


Scott Thiel, CEO and founder of TOKO, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with PwC and the opportunity to bring TOKO’s tokenization technology to a wider audience. Thiel emphasized TOKO’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology, regulatory compliance, and a user-centric approach to reshape the virtual asset management landscape and drive positive change.


By joining forces, TOKO and PwC Hong Kong aim to revolutionize the virtual asset industry, harnessing the power of technology within a robust regulatory framework. This collaboration enables PwC to offer enhanced security, transparency, and operational efficiencies to their global suite of clients, ultimately breaking down barriers associated with asset illiquidity and paving the way for broader adoption of virtual assets.


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