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Ultra Unveils Ultra Arena: A Blockchain Powered Revolutionary Esports Tournament Platform

Ultra, a pioneering crypto gaming startup, has made a momentous announcement by introducing its highly innovative esports tournament platform, Ultra Arena. The platform, which is constructed on Ultra’s exclusive blockchain network, presents a distinctive opportunity for individuals, brands, and organizations to independently host their own tournaments or leagues. Participants have the opportunity to win various prizes, including Ultra’s UOS tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and tangible products.

The main goal of Ultra Arena is to establish a platform that facilitates the transition of amateur video game players into the professional gaming industry. The platform initially provides support for popular PC games such as League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), PUBG, and games accessible through Ultra Games, which is Ultra’s dedicated PC gaming storefront. This ensures a dynamic and thrilling competitive environment for gamers.

The recipients of prizes from competitions held on Ultra Arena will be awarded with tokens or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which will be promptly transferred into their linked wallets. In addition, the prizes may encompass tangible goods or qualification passes for participation in other tournaments, which can be exchanged on Ultra’s Uniq Marketplace.

Ultra Arena partners with CLD Distribution, a reputable video game distributor based in Belgium, to facilitate a collaborative effort. This partnership enables Ultra Arena to offer worldwide shipping of physical prizes to its users. Additionally, Ultra Arena leverages its extensive network within the gaming industry to expand its game library, providing users with a diverse and extensive selection of games.

Users of Ultra Arena will create a digital identity that will be stored on the Ultra blockchain. This identity will grow and develop as they participate in competitions and achieve victories, earning a reputation and building trust within the platform. In order to uphold the principles of honesty and fairness, engaging in cheating activities will result in permanent bans and a significant damage to one’s reputation.

The ability to trace players on Ultra Arena provides significant benefits for game developers and publishers. It allows for the identification of targeted game testers and creates a valuable pool of talent for esports teams to scout from. Ultra plans to offer early access to games based on players’ performance and historical data. The primary objective of Ultra Arena is to establish a connection between amateur and professional players, cultivating a competitive environment that accommodates gamers with diverse skill levels. The platform also offers opportunities for aspiring gamers to secure sponsorships.

In addition to well-known games, Ultra Arena provides an opportunity for players to engage in competition within new or unreleased games. This fosters a dynamic and competitive atmosphere, while also serving as a valuable marketing platform for game developers. Developers have the opportunity to utilize Ultra’s extensive user base and collaborate with brands by organizing tournaments featuring smaller prize pools. This strategic approach allows for effective engagement and co-marketing initiatives.

The tokenization and crypto rewards system of the platform are strategically designed to encourage brand sponsorship of tournaments. Ultra has already established partnerships with undisclosed brands for upcoming events. Ultra Arena seeks to bring about a transformative impact on the esports sector through the provision of a cutting-edge platform. This platform not only incentivizes players but also fosters active engagement from brands. Moreover, it creates an inclusive environment that enables gamers of varying skill levels to participate and thrive in competitive gaming.

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