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Unlocking New Gaming Frontiers: HyperPlay Introduces MetaMask Snaps Integration

In a groundbreaking development within the Web3 gaming landscape, HyperPlay, the innovative Web3-native game store that seamlessly integrates MetaMask into every Web3 game, has officially announced the launch of a new integration involving MetaMask Snaps for native games. This strategic move represents a significant leap forward in enhancing features and functionalities, as well as fostering interoperability within the gaming ecosystem.


Pioneering Integration with Bushi: A MetaMask Snaps Milestone


HyperPlay and MetaMask have joined forces with Bushi, a widely popular third-person competitive brawler game on the Sui blockchain, to pioneer the first-ever implementation of MetaMask Snaps within a native game environment. This collaboration addresses historical challenges faced by Bushi, which, due to its foundation on a non-EVM blockchain, had difficulty integrating with MetaMask’s extensive user base. Now, through HyperPlay and MetaMask Snaps, MetaMask users gain the ability to seamlessly carry their wallets and assets directly into the game.


Bushi’s Founder and CEO, Leon Berroya, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the strategic importance of reaching broader audiences with minimal friction. With Snaps, Berroya highlighted the ability to collaborate, connect, and communicate with communities previously deemed unreachable. This collaboration empowers game developers to focus on their core strengths – creating compelling gaming experiences.


Expanding Support Across Blockchain Protocols


MetaMask Snaps and HyperPlay’s collaboration extends beyond the Sui blockchain. HyperPlay is committed to supporting games across major blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin, Starkware, Solana, Aptos, Tezos, Cosmos, and others. This new feature seamlessly integrates with HyperPlay’s existing MetaMask wallet overlay, solidifying its position as a versatile platform accommodating various blockchain infrastructures.


Since its launch in November 2022, HyperPlay has played a pivotal role in advancing Web3 gaming infrastructure through a collaboration between MetaMask and Game7, a DAO dedicated to the construction of Web3 gaming infrastructure. The primary objective of HyperPlay is to establish interoperability as the standard for all Web3 games, enabling developers to tap into new audiences and revenue streams. The unique aspect of HyperPlay lies in its aggregation of other game stores, such as the Epic Games Store. The MetaMask wallet overlay provided by HyperPlay allows players to access their MetaMask within any game, facilitating purchases and the collection of in-game tokens.


Empowering Developers and Gamers Alike


JacobC.eth, the Founder and CEO of HyperPlay, underscored the platform’s mission to unlock the full potential of permissionless, extensible, and interoperable game worlds. Integrating MetaMask Snaps positions HyperPlay to provide robust support for the entire Web3 gaming ecosystem, irrespective of the blockchain protocols on which games are built.


This innovative integration also benefits game developers, offering them the tools to design custom Snaps and prompt players to install them directly within the game if launched via HyperPlay. The open-source nature of Snaps enables any developer to leverage the technology, supporting new blockchains or inventing novel features that enhance gaming experiences.


MetaMask Snaps: Elevating Interoperability


The introduction of MetaMask Snaps in September 2023 significantly strengthened the platform’s interoperability with other blockchains, transforming the Ethereum-based wallet into an all-encompassing multiprotocol aggregator wallet. Christian Montoya, the Product Lead for MetaMask Snaps at Consensys, highlighted the deepened integration with HyperPlay as a testament to their commitment to fostering permissionless creativity. This collaborative effort aims to empower both gamers and developers by harnessing the benefits of interoperability, thereby enriching and diversifying the capabilities of the gaming community.


In conclusion, HyperPlay’s integration of MetaMask Snaps marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Web3 gaming, offering new possibilities for developers and gamers alike. As the collaboration expands to support various blockchain protocols, the vision of a seamlessly interconnected gaming landscape is becoming a reality, breaking down barriers and unlocking unprecedented potential for the gaming community.

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