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Unveiling CCP Games’ Blockchain-Powered Project Awakening: Phase II Playtest Opportunities

CCP Games, the creative force behind EVE Online, has been actively diversifying its projects within the EVE Universe. Among its innovative endeavors is Project Awakening, a blockchain-based gaming project set to enter its Phase II playtest next week. The development team is actively seeking new testers to contribute to this cutting-edge venture.

Exploring Project Awakening in the EVE Universe

Project Awakening, as described on the game’s official site, represents a new chapter for CCP Games. Positioned within the EVE Universe, the game leverages blockchain technology to redefine gaming experiences. Both CCP Games and its parent company, Pearl Abyss, have been venturing into the realm of blockchain gaming, with Project Awakening emerging as a prominent undertaking in this exciting landscape.

Phase II Playtest Opportunities

The upcoming Phase II playtest for Project Awakening is scheduled to commence on December 6th. In preparation for this milestone, the development team is actively seeking individuals to participate as testers. The application process includes inquiries about applicants’ experience with EVE Online, the source of their test information, their gaming background, and any prior involvement in blockchain gaming.

CCP Games recently shared on their official Twitter account: “Project Awakening, a new game in the EVE Universe, is currently accepting applications for a confidential playtest beginning December 6. To learn more and help shape future development, visit [link] for a chance to take part.”

Insights from EVE FanFest 2023

During EVE FanFest 2023 held in October, CCP Games provided a brief update on various projects, including Project Awakening. CEO Hilmar P├ętursson revealed key insights into the company’s ambitious pursuits.

“At the start of this year, we announced Project Awakening and the fact that we have raised $40M USD in external funding to move from experimentation into full development of a new title in the EVE Universe. We are doing this because we want to take daring experiments that will teach us more about the craft of tools for people to build societies. It is still early, but I can share that we are heavily leaning into third-party development and the creation of a more inclusive business model, both of which are learning points from our journey so far.”

Although news of the $40 million funding round was released months ago, the team has diligently worked on Project Awakening, aiming to deliver a complete AAA blockchain experience. This endeavor reflects CCP Games’ commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring innovative approaches to game development.

Shaping the Future of Blockchain Gaming

As Project Awakening advances into Phase II, the call for testers represents an opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to actively contribute to the evolution of blockchain gaming. With CCP Games embracing third-party development and an inclusive business model, the project signifies a commitment to shaping a more collaborative and diverse future for the gaming industry. Stay tuned for updates as Project Awakening progresses towards redefining the landscape of blockchain-powered gaming experiences.

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