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UPCX Platform Safeguards Future FinTech Security with Post-Quantum Cryptography

In recent years, quantum computing technology has experienced rapid advancements, capturing global attention. Major tech companies and leading research institutions have reported breakthroughs, marking the onset of a new computing era dominated by quantum technologies.


Embracing Quantum Supremacy:


Prominent technology firms claim to have achieved quantum supremacy, with their quantum computers outperforming traditional counterparts in specific tasks. This development signifies a paradigm shift in computing capabilities.


Quantum Computers and Blockchain Security:


Quantum computers leverage qubits for computations, allowing them to exist in multiple states simultaneously, providing quantum parallelism. This characteristic accelerates the resolution of complex issues, posing a potential threat to blockchain security, which relies on traditional cryptographic algorithms.


UPCX Platform’s Response:


In response to these challenges, the UPCX platform, an open-source payment system, has adopted a high-speed blockchain infrastructure. This infrastructure aligns with traditional financial institutions’ efficiency and speed, creating a seamless financial transaction ecosystem.


“Prioritizing Security in the Quantum Era”


To address potential threats posed by quantum computing, UPCX places a high priority on security. The platform is committed to developing hardware wallets and quantum-resistant encryption algorithms to safeguard user assets against evolving quantum computational power.


Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC):


As a response to quantum threats, PQC has emerged to develop encryption technologies resistant to powerful quantum computing capabilities. UPCX’s white paper outlines the critical functions of PQC, including protecting blockchain technology, ensuring long-term data security, and facilitating adaptability into existing infrastructures.


“Implementing UPCX-S for Quantum-Resistant Blockchain Wallets”


According to UPCX’s white paper, the UPCX team plans to employ Ring Learning With Errors (Ring-LWE) algorithms in their post-quantum cryptographic scheme (UPCX-S). This scheme focuses on key generation and verification processes for blockchain wallets.


Key Features of UPCX-S:


Performance Optimization:

UPCX-S prioritizes algorithmic performance to ensure efficient key generation and verification operations, even on devices with limited computational power.


Tradeoff Between Key and Signature Sizes:

Balancing security and performance, UPCX-S carefully selects parameters and optimizations to reduce the size of keys and signatures without compromising security.



UPCX-S design considers compatibility with existing blockchain infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition to new security schemes without disrupting interactions with other systems.


Adherence to Standardization Process:

While UPCX-S is customized, it adheres to international standardization recommendations, promoting interoperability, and contributing to the overall security of the ecosystem.

“Exploring Supersingular Elliptic Curve Isogenies”


UPCX is actively researching cryptographic implementations based on supersingular elliptic curve isogenies. This approach focuses on generating smaller key sizes to enhance storage and transmission efficiency.


Advantages of Supersingular Isogeny-Based Algorithms:


Supersingular isogeny-based algorithms offer shorter key lengths (under 100 bytes) and relatively low computational complexity. UPCX recognizes the need to improve processing speeds and is actively optimizing the algorithm for enhanced efficiency.


“UPCX’s Commitment to Future Security”


The UPCX platform demonstrates foresight in countering future quantum threats. By adopting post-quantum cryptographic technologies, optimizing algorithms, and deploying advanced encryption schemes, UPCX secures user assets, showcasing adaptability to technological shifts and an unwavering commitment to fintech security.

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