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Upstairs Debuts Asia’s First NFT Marketplace with Unique NFT Series

A custodial NFT marketplace that curates only the rarest, most practical and most renowned NFTs has been created with the finest user experience on the second floor. Many were shocked by the meteoric emergence of NFTs over the last few years, but experts and enthusiasts have long recognized this blockchain space’s potential. A few months ago, the most expensive NFT to date was sold for a staggering $91.8 million. In addition, there are other more that sell for millions of dollars on the market. The dramatic surge improved the domain’s appeal and drew additional investors. However, the lack of trustworthy markets substantially delayed the widespread use of NFTs. A large transaction charge was one of the biggest deterrents posed by the few seemingly dependable solutions. In addition, the majority of decentralized NFT markets lack a user-friendly interface and are often judged too technical by novice users.

With the debut of Upstairs, an NFT marketplace that aims to alter the user experience game for good and put user interests first, this will no longer be the case. The user interface has been maintained simple enough to enable even individuals unfamiliar with Web 3.0, crypto wallets, and blockchain to mint NFTs simply. Upstairs, one of the strongest NFT markets created to date, will debut to the general public on October 10, 2022. The website supports ETH and BNB chains for deposit and payment, letting users to research and trade a vast array of NFTs on many blockchains. CertiK also audited the Smart Contracts of Upstairs.

Upstairs seeks to solve the most frequent issues seen on other platforms while providing a clear and engaging UI and a streamlined signup procedure. Users may quickly register with an email address and begin trading NFTs, in contrast to other platforms with a lengthy and complex registration procedure. Only the most unique and handpicked collections, some with bundled utilities, from the most renowned artists will be shown on the second floor. The site has already cooperated with industry heavyweights such as Zhang Chi, Huteford, and Yang Ga, among others. They are all talented artists with enormous social media followings, and their works are wildly popular among users. Before each listing, Upstairs will execute an exclusive agreement with the IP supplier and the artist. And anybody with a little understanding of the market would see how exclusivity boosts the value of NFTs. All of the platform’s new features are in accordance with current market dynamics and customer demands.

Upstairs recognizes the significance of low transaction costs and has thus maintained them at 6%, which includes both the Royalties and Platform fees. In addition, the inclusion of Layer 2 technology on the backend eliminates any gas fees or hidden fees, making it one of the most cost-effective NFT platforms to trade on.
Upstairs wants to become the most accessible platform for the community by including elements such as mass purchasing and selling. It enables users to transact in fiat currencies. Additionally, it supports different languages, making it globally accessible.

Multi-payment options:

  • Upstairs allows users to directly deposit funds via crypto exchanges, thus simplifying the whole process.
  • For those without crypto holdings, Upstairs also allows the use of regular credit cards, both Visa and Master.
  • The platform has already partnered with XanPool, Alchemy Pay & Simplex to offer seamless local payment options.
  • Upstairs also plans to add many more payment gateways in the future, and users would, most certainly, find the one they prefer the most.
  • Given the volatility of the market, profits from trades are often insufficient for users, therefore extra benefits play a crucial role. Upstairs provides a referral and automatic rebate program to boost revenues and reduce transaction expenses even more. With Upstairs, consumers may earn up to 2% incentives via the rebate program, which is unheard of on the majority of marketplaces.

    Region-specific developments: As previously stated, Upstairs aspires to become the largest participant in the NFT sector. And to do this, it will distribute handpicked material to people in various corners of the world. The custodial NFT marketplace will provide collectibles for both ancient works of art and current fashion trends.
    Staking: Staking has recently been one of the most popular investing methods since it produces solid and consistent returns. On Upstairs, users may stake tokens acquired via trade and maintain a regular flow of money.

    Real-time statistics: Trading demands a comprehensive understanding of the many facets of NFT, including real-time data. It is prepared and put systematically for easy comprehension upstairs. Users may determine the rarity of a non-fungible token, verify its rating, and examine its sales volume. And there’s more! Additionally, the most modern security systems have been used to provide total safety and security on the upper level. In addition, the legitimacy of the collections offered on the marketplace is confirmed prior to guarantee consumer satisfaction.

    Upstairs also intends to capitalize on the practical use of NFTs, a crucial component of these assets. The majority of accessible NFTs are nothing more than digital artwork kept in a wallet. However, the ones accessible on Upstairs may be used in video games, and many of them have real-world applications. In addition, the worth of each item will be determined by its prior trade history and the advantages it stands to provide.

    Rex Teo, co-founder and chief executive officer of Upstairs, said, “The goal of Upstairs is to decrease blockchain difficulties for all users by bridging Web3.0’s technologies into Web2.0’s domain, therefore enabling all users to trade NFTs with smooth go-to alternatives.”

    “It is certain that the NFT Industry will play a significant role in the future of digital collectibles. We anticipate Upstairs to revolutionize this business.

    Upstairs has assembled a team of committed experts, engaged with artists, and partnered with the top marketing and legal institutions to assure the platform’s long-term viability and further growth. When using the platform, it is evident that the team consists of specialists in every sector. Upstairs’ easy-to-use interface, rapid processing, flawless transactions, and variety of features attest to the development work that went into its creation.

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