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US Defense Contractor Raytheon Subsidiary Receives Blockchain Related Patent

Documents released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) disclose that a blockchain-related patent has been given to Texas-based cybersecurity enterprise Forcepoint. Forcepoint is owned by US defense contractor Raytheon and Vista Equity Partners, and Crunchbase predicts its annual revenue to be around $600 million.

Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) shared documents explaining the system. And it’s not a classic cryptocurrency platform. The patent-described system seems to be a complicated client behavior tracking and administration system. The system would strive to keep data on digitally observable user encounters and then make use of the data to determine known good, abnormal, and malicious client behavior to strengthen cybersecurity of the system.

Some system variants use blockchain technology, as per the patent:

“In certain embodiments, the association of the additional context may be accomplished via a blockchain block within a user behavior profile blockchain […] implemented with appropriate time stamping to allow for versioning over time.”

This level of surveillance could particularly stand to gain from blockchain, as data on this technology is unalterable, and at any instant anyone can go back and review information. Naturally, no one could access the space without consent, implying security is at its peak overall.

The entire description reads:

“A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for generating a cyber-behavior profile comprising monitoring user interactions between a user and an information handling system; converting the user interactions into electronic information representing the user interactions, the electronic information representing the user interactions comprising multi-layered electronic information, each layer of the multi-layered electronic information corresponding to a respective layer of user interaction; and generating a unique multi-dimensional cyber behavior profile based upon the multi-layered electronic information representing the user interactions.”

Naturally, this is one of many companies involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Naturally, this is one of several businesses involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Facebook, Google and Amazon, like banks and other companies, also showed interest.

Lately, PayPal has managed to win a cybersecurity patent to protect consumers from crypto malware. Global consulting firm Accenture also patented two systems centered on blockchain interoperability at the start of this month.

The Block notes that other businesses like IBM, Walmart, Mastercard, and nChain also submitted cryptocurrency patents. In fact, this and three other firms made up the majority of all forthcoming blockchain patents. As such, it makes perfect sense that these firms file patents to safeguard their grand ideas. Of furthermore, just because a patent is submitted, it doesn’t automatically mean we’ll see something about it. Sometimes a faction just wants to preserve its idea.

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