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US3R Unveils Off-Chain Data Framework for Web3

US3R is pleased to announce the release of its Web3 off-chain information infrastructure. The domain of Web3 and dApps is rapidly expanding and full of intriguing innovations. Despite market fluctuations, programmers are still particularly interested in this region. Nevertheless, dApps are predominantly employed for finance and financial technology applications at present, and information retention is restricted to static documents. Unlike Web2, holding changing information on the blockchain is costly and sluggish, making its widespread adoption problematic.

Thankfully, US3R has stepped up and responded to the threat. Liang, a Web3 expert and serial creator previously with Bitmain and Binance, and Eddy, an expert in operations and chief of several Web3 organizations in Hong Kong and Singapore, established the platform. US3R is launching on a mission to provide coders with decentralized, programmable, and off-chain preservation comparable to firebase, so that coders can easily build and construct data-intensive applications with a large volume of content produced by users that is unsuitable to be retained on-chain.

US3R Network aims to recast the decentralized storage and utilization of information about users, equipping coders to create dApps with the ability of attaining tens of millions of users and restoring internet users’ power over their information. US3R Network provides coders with a vital decentralized, off-chain information storage system. Compared to on-chain data retention, it is considerably speedier and less expensive. Additionally, the platform provides a backend API interface similar to conventional ones. Developers are no longer required to administer their own systems with US3R. They can merely establish their information models and execute CRUD tasks as they would ultimately with a conventional Web2 backend.

Off-chain decentralized modifiable data storage is a fundamental characteristic of US3R Network for coders. The network and its fundamental data are completely accessible, enabling coders to create with confidence applications without anxiety about API closure. Furthermore, programmers can gain access to users’ prevailing public info based on permission from the user, making it simpler to create apps that utilize existing information.

For consumers, apps built with US3R Network provide open and transferable information, which means that their information is not confined within just one application. Users have access their information across multiple applications, enabling a more sophisticated and personalized experience according to their choices. US3R Network essentially provides every user with one’s own database that is transferable across programs, which significantly enhances the efficacy, confidentiality, and safety of information provided by users.

To realize its goal, US3R is constructing a decentralized Platform-as-a-Service to facilitate the adoption of its decentralized dynamic storage and smart contracts by coders. This novel strategy creates a robust infrastructure that has an opportunity to become the Amazon Web Services of Web3, enabling coders to construct previously unattainable applications. The prospect of the platform has attracted the interest of prominent investors, including Silicon Valley venture capital firm DHVC, which headed a preliminary round in US3R Network. This investment demonstrates the potential to cause disruption of US3R in the contemporary Web3 realm and its ability to grow into a fundamental Web3 network building element. We are eager to observe this endeavor’s influence on the future of Web3 advancement.

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