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VeChain and Canada’s Micromation Unveils SaaS Platform Facilitating Easy Blockchain Adoption

Businesses may use latest digital technologies to strengthen their brand image, product offerings, and make significant productivity advantages across several facets of their activities. Micromation, a Canadian IT consulting business, identified an opportunity and teamed up with VeChainThor, a layer-one smart contract system, to create TrueStoryteller, an uniform tracking solution.

The platform’s goal, according to the update, is to “harness blockchain’s capacity to unleash data transparency and assist organizations enhance their supply chain administration skills, increase brand trust, and convey their goods’ stories.”

Micromation’s CEO is familiar with VeChain, and the two companies have been working together since early 2020. Micromation received funding to “create a complete business strategy and client service suite” using VeChain ToolChain, an off-the-shelf blockchain service platform. TrueStoryteller “offers a range of instantly deployable digital services for organizations and customers of all sizes” by using VeChain’s robust and sustainable blockchain or DLT framework and an uniform SaaS model.

Sustainability-focused businesses are among Micromation’s customer list, with the goal of “promoting innovation in their individual sectors.” TrueStoryteller is an excellent place to start innovating since it “has a good reputation.” Micromation has “onboarded four customers from four different industries as its first batch, in a swift and flawless procedure.”

Paril Clothing is a eco-friendly clothing brand employing blockchain capabilities “to deliver comprehensive transparency throughout the production chain to its clients,” according to the statement. Customers of Paril may benefit from some of the “highest levels of confidence that their acquired items are both original and high quality, satisfying the tough requirements Paril assigns for its brand,” according to the company.

Paril allows these increased consumer insights using a user-friendly interface “created by Vechain,” enabling them to demonstrate sustainable practices. Customers may “see components of a product’s data trail spanning from material sourcing to firms participating in the manufacturing cycle, as well as its travel across the global supply chain, enabling them to be more educated and comfortable regardingt the quality and morals of their shopping.”

This one-of-a-kind experience is made possible by a metal tag which is included with each item. These tags have a unique ID that is linked to the VeChainThor blockchain, and users may “view the data from producers, source, makeup, alliances, and environmentally sustainable practices” by scanning the QR code on the badge.

Jonathan Hernandez, the Founder of Paril Clothing, stated
“Basically, I was searching for a method to future-proof and present-proof all of it while conducting my due diligence. I’m attempting to have everything in house in the future, therefore I want to monitor where the cotton is produced, where the textiles will be weaved, cut, and sewed, and so forth. Present evidence, we wish to be as honest as possible with our customers right now, therefore we also list where the T-shirts come from, or whatever item that we design, where the item comes from.”

Jonathan added:
“We want to tell the consumer where these styles are produced, as well as where they are influenced, so we have data on artists and everything.” “The reason I chose VeChain was because they appeared to be way ahead of the game, and they appeared to be focused on the larger supply chain issue that exists today and monitoring it all, so that’s the reason I chose them.”

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