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Vietnam Blockchain Gaming Firm Skrice to Start Beta Testing of Mobile Strategy Game

The Vietnamese blockchain gaming studio, Skrice, has made an announcement regarding the imminent launch of its much-awaited mobile strategy game, Heroes of Mavia. The beta iteration of the game is scheduled to be launched on June 30, 2023, followed by a phased release over the course of the remaining year. The game Heroes of Mavia is a captivating multiplayer strategy game that involves players constructing bases to compete for resources and a virtual currency known as Ruby. Each individual land within the game is denoted by a distinct Land Non-Fungible Token (Land NFT).

The first stage of the launch will be limited to a specific set of Land NFT owners. It is anticipated that this period of restricted access will endure for around two months, during which TestFlight and Android direct download builds will be accessible. After a period of two months, the subsequent phase of the launch will extend an invitation to the complete Mavia community for their participation. This will include users who do not possess Land NFTs. The forthcoming beta assessment of the game is slated to be the primary one and is expected to culminate on October 31st. In this phase, the multiplayer functionality will be enabled, allowing players to launch assaults on adversary bases. During this timeframe, it is expected that alliances, which are a critical element of the game, will also be introduced.

To participate in each segment, participants will need an invitation code. As part of the global launch preparations, the progress of players will be reset at the end of each segment. However, participants will be able to acquire in-game rewards that will be retained until the full game is released. The conclusive stage of the launch procedure is scheduled to begin in November 2023, when Heroes of Mavia will be publicly released on Android and the Apple App Store in specific nations.

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