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Vyvo Smart Chain Elevates HealthFi Ecosystem with Apple Watch Integration

VSC, a HealthFi ecosystem built on Vyvo Smart Chain, has announced a substantial enhancement to its proprietary Data Non-Fungible Token (Data-NFT), allowing integration with Apple Watch through the Apple HealthKit. The announcement, made during VSC’s participation in the Growth Startup Program at Web Summit in Lisbon, marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of health and wellness technologies.

Vyvo Smart Chain Leverages Apple HealthKit for Data-NFT Integration


The upgraded Data-NFT now enables Apple Watch devices to actively participate in Data Mining and earn $VSC, utilizing the health data collected through the Apple HealthKit. This strategic move positions VSC at the forefront of HealthFi, reinforcing its commitment to innovation within the health and wellness sector.


Web Summit’s Growth Startup Program Showcases VSC’s Innovation


VSC’s participation in Web Summit’s Growth Startup Program emphasizes its dedication to innovation and disruption within the health and wellness sector. The program, designed to provide startups with essential resources and support for rapid business scaling, served as the ideal platform for VSC to unveil its latest technological advancements.


Vyvo Smart Chain’s Approach to Data Mining


Data Mining on the Vyvo Smart Chain relies on health data obtained from IoT wearable technology, specifically from user biometrics collected by sensors. VSC empowers Data Owners with decentralization, offering control over data ownership, privacy, and the opportunity to monetize their health data.


VSC’s Co-Founder and CEO on the Technological Upgrade


Fabio Galdi, Co-Founder and CEO of VSC, expressed the significance of the upgrade, stating, “Our mission has always been to use blockchain to expand what is possible with technology. With this technical upgrade to our proprietary Data-NFT, we advance our ecosystem to an entirely new user base.”


Apple Watch Users: Seamless Integration with VSC Ecosystem

Apple Watch users can now effortlessly join the VSC Ecosystem by following a straightforward process:

Use a VSC-Compatible Wearable Device: Users need a wearable device compatible with Vyvo Smart Chain’s ecosystem capable of measuring health data.

Bind a Data-NFT: Through a VSC-compatible application (dApp), Data Owners can link their Data-NFT to their wearable device, anonymously associating health data with the Data-NFT.

Receive $VSC Rewards: Once the user’s device is successfully bound to the Data-NFT via the VSC-compatible dApp and begins measuring health data, they will start receiving rewards in $VSC.

This innovative integration not only expands VSC’s user base but also democratizes health data ownership and value for the 110 million plus Apple Watch users worldwide. Mariana Krymn, Vyvo Smart Chain co-founder, highlighted the game-changing nature of this expansion in the health and blockchain space, particularly in reclaiming ownership of health data and its value. The announcement on the global stage at Web Summit reinforces VSC’s commitment to advancing the intersection of health and blockchain technologies.

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