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Warner Music Group and Polygon Labs Unveil Pioneering Web3 Music Accelerator Participants

In a significant collaboration, Warner Music Group (WMG) and blockchain firm Polygon Labs joined forces last year to initiate a web3 music accelerator, aimed at fostering innovation within the music industry. The latest update reveals the first two startups selected to participate in this groundbreaking initiative.


Pioneering Startups Revealed:

The first participant, Mith, emerges as a superfan-centric startup boasting Jack Harlow as its inaugural client. The startup focuses on community building, incorporating elements such as rewards, commerce, and membership subscriptions to enhance the fan experience.


The second startup, Muus Collective, delves into the realm of fashion-focused games and experiences. Anticipated to launch a fashion game in the second quarter of this year, Muus Collective incorporates digital collectibles and rewards as integral components of its strategy. Notably, Paris Hilton serves as one of its advisors, adding a layer of industry insight to the venture.


Overwhelming Response to Accelerator Call:

Sources from WMG and Polygon Labs report an overwhelming response to the accelerator’s first call, with more than 120 applications received. This underscores the enthusiasm and interest within the entrepreneurial community for leveraging web3 technologies in the music industry.


WMG’s Web3 Ventures:

Warner Music Group has consistently positioned itself as one of the most proactive labels in embracing web3 technologies, evident through various deals and experiments. Notable endeavors include investing in DressX, a startup specializing in virtual fashion items, and the launch of a virtual world game featuring Notorious B.I.G. within The Sandbox.


Mith – Elevating Fan Engagement Through Innovative Platforms:

Mith, the first startup selected for the web3 music accelerator, pioneers a superfan-focused approach. The startup’s emphasis on community building, coupled with features like rewards, commerce, and membership subscriptions, is set to redefine fan engagement in the music industry.


Muus Collective – Blending Fashion and Gaming for a Unique Experience:

Muus Collective, the second chosen participant, introduces a fusion of fashion and gaming. With a slated launch of a fashion game in the second quarter of this year, the startup integrates digital collectibles and rewards, offering a unique intersection of entertainment and fashion. Notably, Paris Hilton’s advisory role adds industry expertise to the venture.



As Warner Music Group and Polygon Labs unveil the first two participants of their web3 music accelerator, the music industry witnesses a pivotal moment in embracing blockchain technology and its diverse applications. Mith and Muus Collective represent innovative strides in enhancing fan engagement and blending fashion with gaming, showcasing the evolving landscape of the music industry in the web3 era. The success of this accelerator is anticipated to pave the way for further collaborations and advancements within the intersection of music, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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