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Waves3 ICP.Hub Portugal and Based in Lisbon: Pioneering Growth in Portuguese Web3 Ecosystem

In a noteworthy development for Portugal’s Web3 community, Waves3 ICP.Hub Portugal has unveiled a partnership with Based in Lisbon, a prominent organization within the Portuguese Web3 community. This collaboration aims to catalyze collaboration and foster growth in the Porto blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.


Empowering the Internet Computer Adoption


ICP.Hubs, dynamic community-centered platforms, are instrumental in promoting the adoption of the Internet Computer. These hubs, including Waves3 ICP.Hub Portugal, offer informative programs and interactive workshops to enhance understanding and familiarity with this revolutionary technology. The goal is to create a space where enthusiasts, veterans, and newcomers can convene, share insights, and exchange value. ICP.Hubs aim to unite diverse professionals, including entrepreneurs, developers, venture capitalists, and specialists within specific regional communities.


According to Tim Haldorsson, the lead at Wave3: “Our partnership with Based in Lisbon is geared towards introducing the wider Web3 community to the unique benefits of building on ICP. We aim to spark interest and drive engagement within Lisbon’s Web3 community, demonstrating how ICP’s features can enhance their projects and ideas.”


Based in Lisbon: Gateway to the Portuguese Web3 Community


Based in Lisbon, positioned as more than just a community, serves as a gateway to the burgeoning Portuguese Web3 community. The organization acts as a connector, providing guidance and support to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers, ensuring a seamless and enriching journey into the Web3 space. Members include industry representatives like Guilherme Lima from Polygon and John Carp from the Non Fungible Conference, enhancing the network with industry veterans and elite builders.


Educational Workshops and Challenges


The central focus of this collaboration is to create an engaging and interactive platform for emerging talents in the blockchain industry. ICP.Hub and Based in Lisbon plan to co-host a series of events and workshops, aiming to introduce participants to the Internet Computer (ICP) and the fundamental principles of Web3 technology.


The first event will be a hands-on workshop, introducing the basics of ICP and setting the stage for a challenge aimed at developing decentralized applications (dApps). The initiative is about imparting knowledge while simultaneously inspiring action, complete with prizes to incentivize and encourage participation.


Nurturing Talent and Building a Sustainable Ecosystem


Beyond hosting events, this partnership is focused on building a sustainable ecosystem. Successful participants in the challenge will have the opportunity to be integrated into the Web3 community, gaining exposure and access to further development opportunities. The ultimate goal is not only to ignite interest but also to cultivate a community of business leaders and builders who develop solutions on ICP.


Strategic Agenda for Growth


The partnership outlines a strategic agenda, including workshops and educational events in February and March 2024. A Student Builder Challenge will take place from February to March 2024, fostering hands-on development in the Web3 space. The collaboration aims to create an environment where ideas can evolve into successful Web3 ventures.

Accelerating Web3 Ecosystem Growth


This collaboration between Waves3 ICP.Hub Portugal and Based in Lisbon signifies the power of community-driven initiatives in the tech industry. By combining resources, expertise, and networks, this partnership aims to accelerate the growth of the Web3 ecosystem, providing a fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Support for Developers, Entrepreneurs, and Investors


In addition to empowering developers, the collaboration also focuses on creating avenues for entrepreneurs to thrive and for investors to discover new opportunities. By offering mentorship, resources, and a network of like-minded individuals, ICP.Hub and Based in Lisbon are establishing a platform where ideas can transform into successful Web3 ventures.


A Landmark Milestone for Web3


The partnership between Waves3 ICP.Hub Portugal and Based in Lisbon represents a significant milestone in the Web3 landscape. Through fostering collaboration, nurturing talent, and building a supportive ecosystem, this alliance is poised to make a lasting impact in the blockchain space, not just in Portugal but throughout Europe.

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