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Web3 Framework Provider Ankr to Offer Blockchain Capabilities to Gaming Firm Mirage

Ankr, a leading supplier of Web3 infrastructure, has disclosed a collaboration with Mirage, a pioneering Web3 gaming enterprise. Through this innovative partnership, Mirage will gain access to Ankr’s impressive technological resources, which include blockchain RPC and API connections, specialized blockchain engineering, and a gaming SDK that can imbue any video game with extensive blockchain and cryptocurrency functionalities. Mirage can accelerate game development and incentivize new businesses to leverage the platform’s potential by utilizing Ankr’s accessible resources.

According to Josh Neuroth, Ankr’s Head of Product, the collaboration between Ankr and Mirage is a demonstration of their mutual commitment towards a highly potential and long-lasting implementation of blockchain technology, which is decentralized gaming. Our provision of Mirage with essential infrastructure and tools is aiding in the advancement of a novel gaming era that incorporates blockchain technology while preserving user experience.

The collaboration between Ankr and Mirage has the potential to transform the Web3 gaming industry within the constantly evolving realm of decentralized and player-focused economies. By utilizing Ankr’s advanced technology suite, Mirage will have the capability to develop gaming experiences that offer unmatched security, efficiency, and scalability. The integration of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 functionalities in a seamless manner will serve to augment the video game ecosystem. Ankr’s cutting-edge technology and proficiency enable gamers to expect improved user experiences that include in-game wallets and silent authentication. These features streamline blockchain interactions and isolate intricate processes, resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

Furthermore, Ankr’s gaming software development kit (SDK) presents Mirage with an innovative prospect to integrate Web3 capabilities into current video games, thereby transforming the user experience. The integration of blockchain-based features like non-fungible tokens, in-game currency, and decentralized marketplaces will provide gamers with an unparalleled degree of authority and possession over their gaming encounters. This innovative approach revitalizes conventional games by enhancing player engagement and agency. According to Mirage’s CEO, Kyle Smith, the collaboration with Ankr has the potential to revolutionize not only Mirage but also the entire Web3 gaming sector. With the utilization of Ankr’s advanced infrastructure, we can aid developers in producing high-quality web3 gaming experiences on a large scale, while also providing users with genuine ownership. We are delighted to commence this journey with you and contribute towards shaping the future of gaming.

Ankr emerges as the ultimate Web3 developer hub, offering developers a comprehensive framework for constructing Web3 applications and optimizing their potential by facilitating seamless connections to over 30 blockchains. By leveraging Ankr’s gaming products as a basis, developers of varying backgrounds and skill sets can tap into the potential of Web3 experiences and unleash their creativity. Ankr Gaming offers game studios the opportunity to integrate Web3 and cryptocurrency functionalities into their games, creating an engaging environment for players to earn actual currency. Ankr’s blockchain infrastructure is noteworthy for facilitating over 2 trillion transactions annually across more than 30 networks, establishing its standing as a leading provider for BSC, Fantom, and Polygon chains.

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