Web3 Marketing Platform TaskOn Integrated with Ethereum Layer 2 Network Scroll July 3, 2023 July 3, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Web3 Marketing Platform TaskOn Integrated with Ethereum Layer 2 Network Scroll

The transition from the traditional internet to the decentralized internet (Web3) holds significant potential for innovation and growth. In order to fully harness the potential of Web3 projects, it is imperative to address specific challenges. Two key factors that contribute to this are improved Ethereum compatibility and strategic brand promotion. TaskOn, a prominent digital platform, has recently made an announcement regarding its successful integration with Scroll, a zkEVM-based zkRollup on the Ethereum network. The primary objective of this integration is to significantly augment the expansion of Web3 projects by facilitating the launch of campaigns that efficiently bolster their brand visibility and attract a substantial user base.

TaskOn, a prominent Web3 task collaboration platform, has recently achieved a noteworthy milestone in its efforts to propel the Web3 ecosystem forward. The platform has officially confirmed the successful integration with Scroll, a zkEVM-based zkRollup operating on the Ethereum network. This integration marks a significant advancement for TaskOn and demonstrates its commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies within the Web3 space. Scroll is an innovative technology that offers seamless integration for current Ethereum applications and tools, resulting in enhanced scalability and decreased expenses. The formation of this strategic alliance is anticipated to greatly expedite the expansion of Web3 projects, enabling them to execute impactful campaigns that not only enhance brand visibility but also garner a broader user demographic.

In the process of integrating, TaskOn will integrate its distinctive features into the Scroll platform, with the objective of enhancing the user experience and delivering uninterrupted assistance. This collaborative effort will create fresh avenues for users, empowering them to actively engage in community campaigns hosted on TaskOn. Moreover, it will enable users to effortlessly transfer and receive tokens across various chains within the extensive Scroll ecosystem, thereby establishing a more interconnected and streamlined network.

The integration surpasses mere token transfers and introduces a diverse set of omnichain functionalities that have the potential to revolutionize the operations of Web3 projects. TaskOn’s NFT badge stands out as a prominent characteristic, catering exclusively to projects operating within the Scroll ecosystem. The implementation of blockchain technology in the creation of NFT badges will effectively establish a robust system for verifying authenticity and credibility of various projects. As a result, users will experience an elevated level of trust in the platform.

In addition, TaskOn intends to expand its verification services to encompass projects that are active on the Scroll platform. By implementing this measure, the Scroll ecosystem upholds the interests of its users and preserves its integrity by exclusively promoting genuine and superior projects.

The collaboration between TaskOn and Scroll offers a dynamic platform that enables users to actively engage in campaigns initiated by any project within the Scroll ecosystem. At the same time, it presents a valuable opportunity for projects to initiate captivating campaigns on the Scroll network, harnessing the powerful capabilities of TaskOn. The process of launching a campaign through TaskOn is both uncomplicated and designed with user-friendliness in mind. Users are required to furnish vital campaign information in the Basic Info section, ensuring that it is accurate and comprehensive. The essential components of the campaign, such as its designated title, duration, objective, and pertinent details, are provided to enhance users’ comprehension and awareness of its nature.

Subsequently, users proceed to delineate the rewards associated with the campaign within the designated Rewards section. The process entails the precise specification of the reward type, its monetary value, the mechanism for distributing it, and the overall number of recipients. Effective communication is essential for fostering transparency and engaging potential participants. The Eligibility section is where users ultimately define the criteria for determining eligibility. These criteria may encompass various factors, including user activity and contributions to the project. The establishment of clearly defined eligibility criteria serves to promote equitable distribution of rewards and effectively attract suitable participants.

The collaboration with Scroll marks a noteworthy achievement that is anticipated to greatly enhance the growth of Web3 initiatives. Users can expect a smooth and gratifying experience when participating in campaigns within the Scroll ecosystem.

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