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Wemade Forges Partnerships with U.S. Game Developers for Blockchain Gaming

South Korean gaming giant, Wemade, has revealed its latest collaborations with American game developers, Ballies LLC and Studio 369 INC. These partnerships are set to bring sports-themed games to the WEMIX PLAY global blockchain gaming platform.

A New Dimension in Sports Gaming: Ballies Game

The Ballies game is a groundbreaking creation that melds the worlds of basketball and fantasy into a unique gaming experience. Central to the game is “Ballies Origins,” a collection of 9,999 distinct players, each possessing unique skills and the potential for skill upgrades. Players are immersed in a competitive environment, participating in tournaments during the regular season to earn tokens. A distinctive feature of Ballies is the option to lend avatars to fellow gamers, subsequently earning tokens based on the performance of these avatars.

Ballies introduces a novel concept in the form of wrapped gaming NFTs. Each Ballies NFT incorporates innovative wrapping technology, amalgamating a base component consisting of art and metadata that delineates traits and rarity. Additionally, Ballies feature LAYERs, which encompass skill tokens and supplementary upgrades, akin to Gear NFTs utilized within the game. The ownership of these NFTs empowers players to selectively unwrap and sell individual components or enhance their gameplay by adding more layers with additional skill tokens.


El Jefe Futbol: A Soccer Management Extravaganza


Studio 369 INC, renowned for its expertise in Multiplayer, Live Operations, and Community Management across PC and CONSOLE platforms, introduces El Jefe Futbol, a soccer team management game that immerses players in a dynamic virtual soccer universe. Players have the opportunity to join leagues, assemble their dream teams, and train them to excel on the field. As the game progresses, gamers can upgrade and exhibit their owned player NFTs, with the NFT collection slated to expand over time to include enhancements and equipment, thereby elevating the gameplay experience.


A Flourishing Sports Gaming Portfolio


These two additions bolster the diverse array of sports-themed games available on the WEMIX PLAY platform, which already encompasses baseball, fishing, soccer, and now basketball. The in-game NFTs, comprising Ballies Origins avatars and El Jefe Futbol dream team players, will be available for trade within the WEMIX PLAY Marketplace.


Klemen Gradisar, CEO of Ballies LLC, shared his perspective on this momentous collaboration, remarking, “Our journey has always been about dreaming big and daring to achieve it. This collaboration with WEMIX is a monumental stride in that direction. We’re thrilled to invite the WEMIX community to join us.”


Matthew Cander, CEO of Studio 369 INC, expressed his enthusiasm for working with WEMIX, emphasizing the opportunity to engage with a broader blockchain gaming audience. Cander noted that their commitment to delivering enjoyable and rewarding gameplay aligns perfectly with WEMIX’s cross-platform capabilities and technological expertise.


Wemade’s Expanding Global Collaborations


Wemade continues to foster partnerships with game developers worldwide, augmenting the spectrum of games accessible through WEMIX PLAY. In a remarkable expansion effort this year, the company has forged collaborations with developers hailing from diverse regions such as Belarus, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Lithuania, Singapore, Poland, the UAE, and the United States. With a staggering user base exceeding 9 million users, WEMIX PLAY offers an extensive gamut of gaming genres, encompassing card games, puzzles, simulations, strategies, first-person shooters, battle royales, MOBAs, MMORPGs, casual games, social networking games, and now, an array of exhilarating sports-themed games.


The collaborations with Ballies LLC and Studio 369 INC underscore Wemade’s unwavering commitment to delivering engaging and diverse gaming experiences to a global audience, powered by the capabilities of blockchain technology. As the world of blockchain gaming continues to evolve, these partnerships exemplify Wemade’s determination to remain at the forefront of this burgeoning industry.

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