Wicrypt Network Expands Integration with peaq Blockchain for Enhanced Decentralized Internet Sharing November 13, 2023 November 13, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Wicrypt Network Expands Integration with peaq Blockchain for Enhanced Decentralized Internet Sharing

Nigeria’s Wicrypt Network, a decentralized mobile internet sharing, and monetization network, has taken a significant step forward in its integration with peaq, a blockchain designed for real-world applications. This strategic collaboration aligns with Wicrypt’s mission to create a decentralized WiFi sharing ecosystem, and it positions the company as the first in Africa to establish a peer-to-peer infrastructure for mobile internet data sharing without the need for third-party integration.


Wicrypt’s Evolution and Funding Milestone:

Founded in 2018, Wicrypt has evolved into a decentralized WiFi sharing and monetization network, enabling individuals to earn compensation for sharing their WiFi. In November 2021, the startup successfully concluded a strategic funding round, securing US$1.5 million to facilitate its expansion into new countries. Since then, Wicrypt has rapidly expanded, boasting over 1,000 hotspot hubs across the globe.


peaq: Empowering Real-World Applications with Blockchain:

peaq, on the other hand, has developed a layer-1 blockchain designed to empower individuals to build decentralized applications (dApps) and networks for real-world use cases. These applications span a range of functionalities, including car-sharing, street-mapping, web access, and more. The collaboration with Wicrypt signifies peaq’s commitment to supporting practical applications of blockchain technology in everyday scenarios.


Integration Milestone: Wicrypt’s WiFi Hotspots on peaq’s krest Blockchain:

The latest phase of integration sees the deployment of Wicrypt WiFi hotspots on krest, peaq’s sister blockchain. These hotspots are equipped with unique peaq IDs, demonstrating the successful integration of Wicrypt’s infrastructure with peaq’s blockchain technology. The Wicrypt operating system’s new version ensures seamless compatibility with peaq, streamlining the connection process for users acquiring these devices.


Ugochukwu Aronu’s Perspective on the Integration:

Ugochukwu Aronu, the CEO of Wicrypt, expressed enthusiasm about the ongoing integration, particularly highlighting the activation of the first hotspots on krest. Aronu emphasized that krest, as a production-grade network, provides an ideal testing environment for all developments on peaq. In the long term, this integration is expected to enhance user rewards within Wicrypt’s DePIN ecosystem, presenting an incentivization mechanism to bridge digital divides.


Future Implications and DePIN Ecosystem Boost:

As Wicrypt continues to forge ahead with its integration with peaq, the activation of WiFi hotspots on krest marks a significant milestone. Beyond testing environments, this collaboration is poised to have lasting impacts on user rewards within Wicrypt’s DePIN ecosystem. The interconnected nature of these technologies presents a powerful solution for connecting individuals and communities, thereby contributing to reducing digital disparities.


Conclusion: Bridging Divides and Empowering Connectivity:

In conclusion, the expansion of Wicrypt’s integration with peaq signifies a meaningful stride towards creating a decentralized and accessible internet-sharing ecosystem. The deployment of WiFi hotspots on krest underscores the practical applications of blockchain in real-world scenarios. Ugochukwu Aronu’s positive outlook on the integration and the future implications for the DePIN ecosystem reinforces the transformative potential of these technologies in empowering connectivity and bridging digital divides in Nigeria and beyond.

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