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Widebrain Unveils Metazium: Revolutionizing Business Communication in the Metaverse

Widebrain, a pioneer in enterprise XR content and services, has revealed its cutting-edge immersive communication platform for businesses, known as Metazium. Currently gearing up for a global launch, Metazium introduces an interactive 3D environment designed to transform the way companies communicate, collaborate, and showcase their products.

A Glimpse into the Future of Business Communication

Hyewon Jeong, CEO of Widebrain, expressed the company’s belief in Metazium as a forward-thinking social media platform, poised to elevate businesses while simultaneously reducing costs associated with exhibitions, digital marketing, and customer communities. Jeong emphasized that Widebrain’s unique value lies in contributing to the metaverse and XR ecosystem by ensuring a robust supply of enterprise content.


Key Features and Services of Metazium

Metazium encompasses a range of features and services, each geared towards enhancing the business communication experience within the metaverse. These include:


  • Access to Personal 3D Space Server: Offering a virtual experience with 360° views, businesses can now personalize their space to align with their brand and objectives.
  • Seamless Live-Streaming Technology: Metazium boasts advanced live-streaming capabilities, ensuring maximum concurrent connections for a truly immersive experience.
  • Interactive Communication Tools: Leveraging avatars and AI bot technology, Metazium facilitates interactive communication within the virtual environment, promoting engagement and collaboration.

Virtual Space Control Centre: An intuitive control center allows businesses to manage services, analyze metrics, and seamlessly integrate content, streamlining the overall user experience.

Widebrain’s Commitment to Innovation

Founded in 2018, Widebrain has successfully executed over 30 enterprise metaverse projects, focusing on the integration of extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovative business solutions. Jeong underlined the company’s commitment to expanding Metazium into a global subscription-based service through strategic collaborations with international exhibition and digital marketing companies.

Shaping the Future of Enterprise XR Content

Jeong emphasized the pivotal role Widebrain plays in shaping the metaverse and XR ecosystem. By consistently delivering unique value and ensuring a diverse supply of enterprise content, Widebrain positions itself as a key player in driving the evolution of business communication in the metaverse.

Conclusion: Metazium’s Global Vision

As Widebrain prepares for the global launch of Metazium, the platform stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of enterprise XR content and services. With its futuristic approach to business communication, Metazium is poised to redefine how companies engage with their audience, collaborate internally, and showcase their products, marking a significant stride towards the future of immersive business interactions.

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