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World of Bezogia: Crafting a Gaming Revolution with Enjin’s NFTs

Zogilabs’ creation, World of Bezogia, made its debut in the Enjin ecosystem in December 2023. In a testament to its rapid development, this innovative world-building MMO has delivered on its promise by minting its inaugural NFTs on the Enjin Blockchain in under two months.


 The Thunderbolt NFT Collection Unleashed


The exclusive NFT collection, named “The Thunderbolt,” is now available on These NFTs, serving as powerful weapons for Bezogi inhabitants, elevate them from charming characters to formidable entities. The Thunderbolt presents an opportunity for players to reign supreme over adversaries and marks the launch of World of Bezogia’s first Enjin NFT collection.


 The Builders Tournament and User-Generated Content


To commemorate this milestone, World of Bezogia initiates “The Builders Tournament,” where only a select few can earn the highest class of Thunderbolts. The tournament underscores the game’s emphasis on user-generated content (UGC), drawing inspiration from popular titles like Roblox and Fortnite. The powerful creator toolkit enables players to easily design 3D models and create maps without requiring coding skills, offering an accessible experience for all Enjin community members.


 Three Exciting Gameplay Modes


World of Bezogia offers three engaging gameplay modes: Open world, Player vs Player (PvP), and First Person Shooter. The Thunderbolt becomes a pivotal weapon in the MMORPG and intense PvP modes, ensuring Bezogi characters become formidable forces.


 Limited Edition Thunderbolts and Rarity Levels


The Thunderbolt NFTs, limited to 1,000 editions, come in four rarities—Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. As the rarity increases, so do the item’s stats and effects, allowing for a personalized arsenal and an enhanced gaming experience.


 Diverse Opportunities for Players and Collectors


Players participating in community events, Discord contests, and game nights have ample opportunities to acquire Common and Rare Thunderbolts. On the other hand, the elite Epic and Legendary categories are reserved for tournament victors, adding an electrifying dimension to the competition.


 Enjin-Powered World Building and Tournament Details


World of Bezogia, powered by Enjin, introduces in-game assets for the Enjin community, allowing players to craft unique maps for a chance to win Thunderbolt NFTs. The Builders Tournament, starting on February 15, 2024, includes stages such as World Building, Community Engagement, and Winner Selection, showcasing a dynamic and engaging approach to user-generated content.


 Bezogia as a Canvas for Limitless Creativity


Beyond being a game, Bezogia acts as a canvas for limitless creativity, providing players with a virtual sandbox and an array of tools. This immersive experience enables players to shape their virtual worlds effortlessly, with published maps instantly accessible to all players on the server.


 Advancements in User-Generated Content


The Builders Tournament exemplifies Zogilabs’ groundbreaking advancements in User-Generated Content (UGC), showcasing how Bezogia seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technologies. Enjin Community members are invited to fully immerse themselves in this innovative product, highlighting the intersection of gaming and creativity.



World of Bezogia’s journey into the Enjin ecosystem and the introduction of Thunderbolt NFTs mark a significant milestone in the gaming industry. As players engage in The Builders Tournament, the convergence of cutting-edge technology and user-generated content reflects a promising future for Bezogia. The platform serves not only as a gaming realm but as a testament to the limitless potential of creativity within the virtual landscape.

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