Y-5 Token Sets New Standard in Defi Tokenomics with Game-Changing Token Distribution Strategy Dec 3, 2021 Dec 3, 2021 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Y-5 Token Sets New Standard in Defi Tokenomics with Game-Changing Token Distribution Strategy

The Y-5 Token is the first of its type in that it provides reflections from up to five different sources. Clients will obtain Evergrow, Relfecto, Crypter, and BUSD just by holding Y-percent. Additionally, obtaining BUSD from the aforementioned channels will become a simple procedure. Eventually, the Y-5 Community will choose the currency in which they get reflections, selecting among over 10,000 tokens, including major currencies like as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

Y-5 is a decentralised platform that aims to bridge the divide between cryptocurrencies and fiat cash by bringing the crypto world’s advantages to the average citizen. It is based on Binance’s smart chain and has tenfold faster block speeds and cheaper gas costs.

Users that possess Y-5 Tokens will earn a 15% return on each transaction in Evergrow, Reflecto, Crypter, and BUSD. Which will be transferred to the wallet automatically every 60 minutes. The total supply of Y-5 Tokens is 1,000,000,000,000,000.

45 percent of the total Y-5 Tokens will be allocated to pre-sale and early liquidity. 50% will go to the burn address, 3% to the founders and crew, and 2% to marketing. Every 60 minutes, 15% of each buy/sell signal is dispersed to all holders. 1% of each transaction is converted to liquidity, and 4% is a strategic repurchase that establishes a long-term stable price floor.

Y-5 Token operates on Transparency values. The team will be doxed and will control just 3% of the tokens for six months. On pink sale, the expert team is completely KYC’d and subject to an audit by Certik. Additionally, the company’s emphasis on longevity ensures that Y-5 is continually on the rise via the use of a repurchase function.

Additionally, in future technologies, auto-yielding up to five tokens of the client’s choice will be integrated in the contract, resulting in a frictionless transfer that requires no user action. They may log onto their dashboard and choose the tokens they want to get reflections in. Additionally, they are hard at work on an auto LP staking mechanism via which users may stake their tokens and obtain access to up and coming projects with no risk by staking the LP and earning 0.05 percent of all future token transactions.

Users may take advantage of the Seemless V2 Launch, Custom Reflections Launch, Gasless Exchange Launch, and PCS LP Staking Algorithm Launch in their schedule of Q2 2022. Along with these perks, investors have the option of customising their reflections.

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