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ZetaChain Unveils Live Mainnet, Revolutionizing Crypto Accessibility

ZetaChain, the blockchain designed for simplicity, speed, and security, proudly announces the official launch of its Mainnet. This significant development marks a groundbreaking era of convenience and safety for Web3 developers and users. ZetaChain’s Mainnet facilitates access to the entire crypto landscape in one unified platform, eliminating the need for bridges or wrapped tokens.

Pioneering Mission for Universal Crypto Access

ZetaChain’s inception was driven by the ambitious mission of propelling the crypto industry to surpass one billion users. The platform aims to achieve this by providing a universal gateway with features emphasizing accessibility, simplicity, and utility across diverse blockchains. Positioned as an EVM-Cosmos compatible layer-one chain, ZetaChain seamlessly connects all chains, extending its reach beyond smart contract chains to include non-smart contract networks like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Revolutionizing App Development with Omnichain Smart Contracts

ZetaChain’s Omnichain Smart Contract platform serves as the cornerstone for app developers seeking to connect seamlessly with the crypto ecosystem. This innovative approach offers users uncomplicated and secure access to the entirety of crypto assets, treating the diverse blockchain landscape as a unified entity.

Developers utilizing ZetaChain’s Omnichain Smart Contracts gain confidence in having universal blockchain access. The deployment of code occurs once, ensuring applications remain adaptable and future-proofed.

Strategic Collaborations and Impressive Testnet Results

ZetaChain has already forged partnerships with prominent Web3 services, including SushiSwap, Curve Finance, Magic Link, Bounce Finance, and others. These collaborations empower users to engage with any cryptocurrency, including the native Bitcoin, within the ZetaChain ecosystem.

During the testnet phase, ZetaChain achieved remarkable milestones, witnessing over 14 million cross-chain transactions generated by more than 3 million registered users. The thriving ZetaChain ecosystem boasts a diverse network of over 200 partners, encompassing wallets, oracles, DeFi services, SocialFi projects, games, NFTs, and more.

Looking Ahead

Ankur Nandwani, a core contributor at ZetaChain, expressed the significance of the Mainnet launch, stating, “Today is an important milestone in our mission to connect all of crypto conveniently and safely. We have already proven the omnichain experience with high-quality projects and millions of testnet users, and the launch of Mainnet allows us to massively increase our work.”


ZetaChain’s live Mainnet introduction represents a pivotal moment in advancing the accessibility and safety of the crypto landscape. With a commitment to universal access, simplicity, and security, ZetaChain positions itself as a key player in shaping the future of blockchain integration and collaboration.

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